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  • Unlimited access to a proven, easy-to-use online tool that shows you the exact words, phrases, and sentences to focus on in more than 20 areas of your manuscript.
  • Recommendations, at a word-by-word level, where you need to remove or revise.
  • Dynamic Summary Report that shows you exactly where to start your editing efforts, specific recommendations in each category, and what to do next.
  • Identification of fiction style errors, repetition, boring sections, and amateur writing
  • Detailed comparison of your manuscript to published fiction
  • Filtered results based on specific fiction genres (All Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Mystery / Suspense, Movie Script)
  • “Back to Basics” courses that covers: pacing, dialogue, word choice, repetition, adverbs, passive voice, sentence structure, and other relevant topics.
  • And Much More
PLUS, you'll also get:
  • Weekly Lessons: Every AutoCrit member also receives access to weekly lessons that dig deeper into the the craft and mindset of revision. You’ll get expert tips on how to create a page turner, write better dialogue, edit the major plot points, avoid the biggest Chapter One pitfalls, and more!
  • BONUS Content: You’ll also receive access to our database of constantly updated bonus content. You’ll see tips and tricks from published authors, agents, and professional editors. You’ll get insider information on the entire process of writing, revising, editing, publishing, and marketing a successful book.
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A Fiction Tool for Fiction Writers
Unlike any other tool available, AutoCrit results are tuned specifically for fiction.

Plus, you can customize your analysis for Romance, Sci-Fi, or Young Adult for even more insight on how your book compares to published books in your genre.

With a quick glance, see what areas you need to focus on and streamline your editing process.

Save Cash on Editing Fees
AutoCrit customers save an average of $1,347 per book in editing fees.

While a system can never replace a human editor for comments on plot or characters, AutoCrit will instantly show you the specific words, phrases, and sentences to review - even things you and your critique partners have missed - so you can improve the style, remove repetition, and ensure readers LOVE your book.
Feel Confident in Your Work
You have spent months, if not years, writing your book. It's imperative you choose a quality tool to assist you in the editing process.

AutoCrit is dedicated to providing you with the most helpful feedback on your manuscript.

Don’t be fooled by tools that proclaim the benefit of quantity of reports over quality of analysis.
Nothing is more important in my
process than AutoCrit.
"When I’ve done a million revisions and drafts, and my novel has been beta read and edited to perfection, I always have one more step to do before proofreading: AutoCrit. Nothing is more important in my process than AutoCrit.

It takes care of all the details my eyes just don’t see anymore. Repetitive words? Check. Passive voice? Check. Too many adverbs? Check. My overabundant use of probably, usually, and definitely? Check, check, check. Each chapter gets the AutoCrit treatment until the words flow and become transparent. I've edited four novels with AutoCrit, and I won’t go without it ever again."

S.J. Pajonas, Author
Successful authors and publishers consider
the editing process to be more important than the drafting stage.
The revision and editing process is what happens after you finish a completed draft and before your story or novel gets published.
  • It involves looking at the big-picture story you’ve created, and revising or rewriting to make sure it all makes sense.
  • It involves building narrative tension into your story so readers simply can’t put your book down.
  • It involves making sure your characters, setting, plot, subplot, and story arc all make sense.
  • It involves making edits on the sentence level—looking for things like clichés, adverbs, filler words, and repeated words and phrases.
  • And it includes gathering feedback from trusted readers so you know you’re on the right track.
Think of it like sculpting a statue—the first draft hammers out the rough shape, but it’s the careful process of polishing the piece that turns it into a work of art.

As seen on the BBC:
"For in-depth analysis of your prose, AutoCrit is a great tool that will open your eyes to a lot of literary styles and techniques; even if you are a seasoned writer."

Kate Russell , Reporter, BBC World News
AutoCrit is the solution to get
YOU and YOUR BOOK to stand out in the crowd.
In-depth analysis
in areas that matter most
  • Exactly the analysis you need - AutoCrit studied millions of published books, connected with top editors and agents, and worked with authors just like you to understand what makes a successful book. We regularly update our algorithms and focus on the QUALITY of our analysis to give you the best feedback possible.
  • Highlighting key elements - Agents and editors look at specific areas when first reviewing your manuscript. Poor dialogue, use of adverbs, and relying on cliches are clear indicators of amateur writing. AutoCrit points out all of these (and so much more) so you can polish your writing and feel confident in your book.
  • Identifies hard to find pacing and repetition problems - We analyze your manuscript, line by line, and show you exactly where you repeat a word or phrase too close together. We also point out slow paced paragraphs and graphically depict your sentence lengths. Use this information to make sure you don't loose the interest of your reader.
AutoCrit finds easily overlooked issues
"AutoCrit calls a writer’s attention to word repetitions, clichés, sameness in sentence construction, and many other issues easily overlooked. A useful tool!"

Renni Browne , Co-Author of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
Easy to use editing interface
  • Category Results - Focus your editing in each category with a target number of words to remove.
  • Word-by-word Analysis - Know exactly what words to focus on first. No other system comes close to providing this level of detail!
  • "Jump" navigation - Save time by clicking on a word or phrase in the Analysis Sidebar to jump your cursor right to the next instance.
  • Save & Share Your Analysis - Share your text (with or without highlights) with a beta reader or editor with the click of a button!
AutoCrit makes editing enjoyable!
"My writing has become sharper and more concise with so much added flavor since I started using this innovative program. It makes editing so much more enjoyable and will give your manuscript a point of view usually missed by writers. I can’t do without AutoCrit."

James MacKrell, Author
Feedback on how your manuscript compares
  • Be confident in how you manuscript stacks up - AutoCrit compares your manuscript to successful published fiction, including mass market paperbacks and bestsellers. If the number of overused words in your manuscript exceeds the average found in those published works, we’ll highlight the problem in your manuscript for quick analysis and editing.
  • Customize your experience - Filter comparison results for your specific genre (All Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Mystery / Suspense, Young Adult, Movie Script)
  • Know what to focus on first - By comparing your word choice with published fiction, you can easily see where you need to focus your editing efforts and when it's "good enough." Don't think you have to remove EVERY highlighted word!
AutoCrit is making me a better writer.
"AutoCrit forces me to dive in and rethink every paragraph, what I am saying and how I am saying it. I didn’t know where to begin or what to look for. With AutoCrit, I can now focus—one paragraph at a time—with pointed direction. It’s a slow process, but I am making progress. AutoCrit is making me a better writer!"

Fred Raynaud , Author
Stay focused, efficient and fired-up
  • Core courses - Core courses focus on the basics: pacing, dialogue,word choice,repetition, adverbs, passive voice, sentence structure, and more.
  • Weekly lessons - Dig deeper into the the craft and mindset of revision. Creating a page turner,writing better dialogue, editing the major plot points, avoiding the biggest Chapter One pitfalls, and more.
  • Bonus content - Updated all the time, provides author, agent, and editor perspectives, tips, tricks, and inside information on the entire process of writing, revising, editing, publishing, and marketing a successful book.
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As Seen on The BBC
“AutoCrit is a great tool that will open your eyes to a lot of literary styles and techniques; even if you are a seasoned writer.”
-- BBC World
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