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Remember: All NaNoWriMo Winners who have joined at this special rate* will also receive a full 6 month membership in AutoCrit Elite (worth $180!), which includes access to an extensive array of writing resources including worksheets, guidebooks, insider tips and weekly video courses.
*Existing Members: Please check your email for details on how to claim your NaNoWriMo reward.

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And Here's What's Inside!

 Unlimited access to a proven, easy-to-use online manuscript editing tool that simplifies and shortens your revision process.

Step-by-step recommendations in more than 25 areas – complete guidance for improving your fiction from every angle.

Highlighting of key elements agents and editors look at when reviewing your manuscript – save the time and hassle of the back-and-forth with publishers and editors by getting it right first time.

Complete access to AutoCrit’s detailed SFA reports – see how your writing stacks up against the competition.

And Much More!

Transforming your creaky early drafts into gripping and robust sagas that readers can't put down is easier than ever with AutoCrit's intuitive text editor.

With each analysis, the exact words, sentences, and paragraphs you need to review are put front and center – so you save time and money by eliminating guesswork and directing your focus only where it needs to be.

But don't worry about getting lost in a pile of confusing reports: AutoCrit also explains exactly why each element is important as it walks you step by step through the editing process.

As looking out for AutoCrit's recommendations becomes second nature – even when you aren't using it – you'll feel your those writing muscles throb with an all-new strength that you'll carry through to your next book and beyond.

Track Your Success As You Go

With AutoCrit’s hallmark Fingerprint Analysis and Summary Score, there's no drama when it comes to pinpointing your major areas of concern.

Know exactly where you're headed next, and watch in real time as each revision sees your manuscript climb the quality scale.

Chop, change and get instant, visual feedback on your improvement – along with the satisfaction of knowing for certain your book is getting better by the minute.

The Only Editing Tool That's Also Your Publishing Advisor...

Built on proprietary code unique to AutoCrit, our Standout Fiction Algorithm is the super-brain behind your newfound advantage.

We’ve taken successful stories from all corners of the publishing world and fed them into the system, creating the digital equivalent of a ridiculously experienced literary agent who can tell you instantly how your book stacks up, stylistically, against the competition.

With just a few clicks, you’ll see exactly what should be done for your manuscript to meet the demanding standards of the publishing industry across multiple categories including adverbs, filler words, dialogue tags, sentence starters, passive voice and more.

You won’t find this type of comparison anywhere else. Sure, some less advanced platforms may perform a basic search for adverbs and filler, for example, but AutoCrit is the only place you’ll find the analysis context of the Standout Fiction Algorithm – offering you the closest possible feedback short of dropping your work on a literary agent’s desk.

Nothing else compares... because we compare!

But that's not all...

... And Your Resident Genre Expert!

AutoCrit is also the only self-editing tool that allows you to customize your analysis by genre.

Sure, a grand overview of published works as a whole is great... but now you can dig right down to niche level with direct comparison in genres such as Mystery & Suspense, Sci-fi & Fantasy, Young Adult and Romance.

With these options, AutoCrit offers you a more specific benchmark against genuine published fiction in your chosen genre!

Why is this important, or beneficial against other editing suites?

Well, we both know different genres demand different approaches. The average use of language, right down to the individual word, changes.

AutoCrit knows this too, and with its extensive knowledge of what works for audiences in your genre, it's more than happy to stand by your side and help you take the market by storm.

And if you happen to branch out into different territories, AutoCrit is right there to help with those, too.

Your Readers Want Your Voice. Let Them Hear It.

No other fiction editing system comes close to AutoCrit’s level of detail and freedom of control.

Not only can you compare your work at both the category and individual word levels, you're also given the freedom to accept or ignore suggestions based on your own creative direction.

Your voice is yours, and AutoCrit won't bully you for speaking up.

You’ll feel your writing improve as you go – backed up by encouraging and revealing reports – and learn to recognize your particular bad habits...

So your next book hits the page even faster and with far fewer corrections needed.

This means when you pass your manuscript to a human editor so they can add the final polish, you’ll save time, save money and ignite your productivity – because faster turnaround means more time for more books.

When everything is this simple, how many popular books do you think you could produce in the next year?


You're Going to Love It – Guaranteed

With a NaNoWriMo offer this good, you bet we've got the guarantee to match.

Don't worry about being left out in the cold when you save so much on your subscription – because when you take advantage of this unbeatable offer, we’ll give you plenty of time to try AutoCrit out and decide if it's for you.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just let us know within 14 days of starting your subscription and we’ll make things right or give you a full refund. It's as simple as that.

Don't Let This Slip Away: Act Now For Your Best Year Yet

This special access rate is exclusive to you right now as a NaNoWriMo participant... but when we reach the end of NaNo, away it will go!

Access to AutoCrit is usually on a per-month basis only, and this superb value annual option is as rare as Tony Stark admitting he was wrong.

So to enjoy this exclusive deal on the most advanced self-editing tool for authors, you'll need to act now.

In less than five minutes you could have the technological equivalent of the world’s most experienced, well-read editor on hand whenever and wherever you need them...

An editor with unrivaled knowledge of proven releases from publishing houses the world over; who knows what your readers want, and what you should do to give it to them...

All for one easy payment of $144, which secures your access for an entire year. 

But that's not the only benefit! Take advantage of this rate and you can continue to renew your membership at the exact same price for as long as you decide to keep AutoCrit as your editing partner and genre advisor.

As a proud NaNoWriMo participant, your personal renewal will never go up.

When you see how quickly the magic happens once your words have landed in AutoCrit's user-friendly interface, you'll be glad you took the leap.

So click the Join Now button, lock in your special NaNo Superhero rate and get started today!

And Don't Forget...

If you take advantage of this annual rate and successfully write your way to NaNoWriMo "Winner" status, we're also going to gift you a full 6 months of access to AutoCrit Elite – worth $180 by itself!

(If you're an existing AutoCrit user, we'll be emailing you details on how to get your reward. Keep an eye on your inbox.)

AutoCrit Elite is our "members only" resource and learning library, designed to help you take your AutoCrit experience, your manuscript, and your career to an entirely new level.

As an AutoCrit Elite member, you'll have access to:

  • AutoCrit Core Courses – Core courses focused on the basics, and getting the most from your AutoCrit software, including: pacing, dialogue, word choice, repetition, adverbs, passive voice, sentence structure, and more.
  • Weekly Expert Lessons – Dig deeper into the craft and mindset of writing, revision and career management, with tutorials such as: creating a page turner, writing better dialogue, editing the major plot points, avoiding the biggest "Chapter One" pitfalls, building an author platform, effective time management and more.
  • Additional Backup Resources – Lighten the load and make your work easier with our Elite tip sheets, checklists, and writing prompts.
  • Exclusive Bonus Content – Constantly updated bonus resources provide you with author, agent, and editor perspectives, alongside tips, tricks, and insider information on the professional side of writing, revising, editing, publishing, and marketing.

In addition to this wealth of resources, AutoCrit Elite members also benefit from our custom shout-outs and Author Spotlights!

When you publish your books, we’ll help you celebrate your success and share the big announcement with the tens of thousands of active and aspiring writers, editors and publishers within the AutoCrit community!

The possibilities for your life as a writer are endless with the support of AutoCrit Elite – and you could have it absolutely free!

Time moves fast in this frantic month, so don't let this one slip by. Click Join Now and say hello to the editing partner you've always wished you had.

Most of all... have an amazing NaNoWriMo!

Happy writing,

Jocelyn and Kevin

join now
Remember: All NaNoWriMo Winners who have joined at this special rate* will also receive a full 6 months of access to AutoCrit Elite (worth $180!), which includes access to an extensive array of writing resources including worksheets, guidebooks, insider tips and weekly video courses.
*Existing Members: Please check your email for details on how to claim your NaNoWriMo reward.

Crystal King

"There are other tools out there that are great for catching typos and general grammar errors – but when it comes to a deep dive into really fixing a novel, AutoCrit is the best I’ve found."

Crystal King, Author, Feast of Sorrow

More Than "Just" an Editor – It's an Experienced, Trusted Advisor

Join More Than 58,000 Authors Who Power Their Publishing Success with AutoCrit!


The speed I am able to edit is four times faster now. I love the novel comparison and the repetitive words functions as well as the pace function. I’m very happy with AutoCrit! It’s one of the best investments I’ve made for my career.

Kimberly Fuller

I have an editor – a real one – but I always have had to make several back and forth exchanges to fix up my manuscript. Now, as I’ve been using this program, I am sure I will be able to polish my completed novel BEFORE sending it to my editor, making the process quicker and easier. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me, AutoCrit!

Hailey Woerner