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VERB TENSESpastpresentfuture
SimpleIt snowed yesterday.

Simple past verb

It snows every winter.

Simple present verb

It is going to snow tonight.

It will snow this winter.

Will / be going to + simple present

ProgressiveIt was snowing when I drove to work.

Was/were + -ing verb

It is snowing.

Am/is/are+-ing verb

It will be snowing by the time I get home.

Will be + -ing verb

PerfectIt had already snowed before I left.

Had + past participle verb

I have driven in snow many times.

Have/has + past participle verb

It will have snowed 6 inches by the end of the day.

Will have + past participle verb

Perfect progressiveIt had been snowing for two days before it stopped.

Had been + -ing verb + for/since

It has been snowing all month long.

Has/have + -ing verb + for/since

It will have been snowing for three days by the time it stops.

Will have been + -ing verb + for/since