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5 Essential Screenwriting Podcasts You Should Subscribe to Today

If you’re a writer who blends a vivid imagination with the written word to create scripts for the big screen, TV, or even the stage, you’re sure to appreciate sitting back and listening to a good podcast or two on the subject.

When you manage to get the time spare, that is!

Writing for film and television is fundamentally different from writing prose fiction, but when the general rules of storytelling still hold up across both disciplines, it helps to hear from experts with experience in both fields. Screenwriting podcasts offer a unique take on the specific challenges facing those who work within this space, and in this list you’ll find (what we think are) some of the best.

Arranged in no particular order, these are 5 of the most authoritative and entertaining screenwriting podcasts available to listen to in your car, while you do the housework or even while you ponder your next plot twist…


On the Page

Professional script consultant Pilar Alessandra’s informative screenwriting podcast sees her interview a different guest each week from the worlds of directing, writing, producing and acting.

On the Page is a fascinating insight into how the industry works: Not only do they cover film and television writing, but also feature writing, video game writing,  pitching, networking, branding, agents and more.


The Q&A

Jeff Goldsmith is a famous film journalist who conducts long-form interviews with the most revered screenwriters of today, grilling them about how they got into the business, their creative process and their current works. For an immersive look at the contemporary film scene, The Q&A can’t be beaten.



Professional screenwriters John August, whose credits include Go, Big Fish, Charlie’s Angels, Titan A.E. and Charlie and Chocolate Factory, and Craig Mazin, who worked on the Hangover and Scary Movie franchises, discuss the legalities of scriptwriting, Hollywood news, and industry insights.

You can also get your work critiqued in their 3 Page Challenge: Send in the first three pages of your script, and Craig and John will give their feedback.


Sam & Jim Go to Hollywood

Unfortunately this podcast has been wrapped up, but its archived entries are still worthy of your time. Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn give up successful careers as restaurant owners and move to LA to make it as respected screenwriters. Do they succeed? Listen and find out!


The Black List Table Reads

Ever wonder what kind of gems slip through the cracks of the Hollywood blockbuster industry? Partnered with the annual “Black List”, this podcast takes screenplays that never got made and subjects them to dramatic live reads. Host Franklin Leonard, along with a rotating cast of notable actors, reads a new script every month interspersed with interviews with Hollywood screenwriters, producers and professionals.


Books are generally the very best source of authoritative information on the subject of screenwriting, but it isn’t always possible to digest them as quickly as you’d like. As it turns out, the worst times for reading are often the best times for listening to podcasts. Driving, for example, or even swimming – or perhaps when watching the clock at your boring day job.

Yet it’s amazing what you can learn on a 45-minute dog walk or housework session, so why not lend your ear to the ‘casts on this list for a while – they may just offer the inspiration injection your screenwriting efforts have needed.

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