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AutoCrit began humbly as the brainchild of an unpublished writer with dreams of becoming an author. She faced a common problem: how could she get expert, unbiased feedback on her writing without breaking the bank? Writers’ groups, critique partners, and other beta readers weren’t at the expert level, and friends and family weren’t unbiased. Getting feedback took time, and the quality of the feedback was hit-or-miss. Hiring a professional editor was an expensive investment, especially for early, unpolished drafts.

She solved her problem with technology by developing the first iteration of AutoCrit, a software that instantly suggests improvements in over twenty areas of fiction writing and compares your work to millions of successful novels by bestselling authors.

But that was only the beginning.

Over the years, AutoCrit has developed and grown into a best-in-class platform for both novice and professional authors. You can now fine-tune your manuscript right down to individual words, with helpful guidance based on current trends in publishing, without ever risking losing your unique voice as a writer.

The exclusive AutoCrit Member Community allows members to connect, collaborate, and share with their peers on a daily basis. Featuring exclusive live events with the AutoCrit team and guests including authors, editors, publishers, visual artists and more, AutoCrit membership is like a writing convention in your home, every single day.

In everything we do—whether it’s related to our software, content, community, hands-on feedback or customer service—we hold true to the mission that started it all:

Empower writers with the knowledge and tools to polish their manuscripts, improve their writing skills, and succeed as authors.

Meet The Team

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Bringing together decades of experience in the creative industries, AutoCrit’s small but mighty team of international aces deliver an eclectic mix of expertise.

CIEP and University-trained editors, experienced genre critics, working ghostwriters, authors, story consultants and writing tutors join forces with technical engineers and early-years educators to bring you only the best in professional support – whether directly from their own brains, or through leveraging industry connections.

Gareth even worked in a bakery, once. If he wasn’t in the UK, we’re sure he’d send us all cakes.

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Manager & CEO

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Technical Lead

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Beth P.
Community Manager

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Beth K.
Children’s Education Lead

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Writing Tutor/Story Coach
Community Host
Events Manager

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Developmental Editor
Critique Specialist
Pitch Coach

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Writing Tutor/Story Coach
Content Manager

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Customer Support

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Mascot Extraordinaire

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