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First Chapter Critique

The importance of your book’s opening can’t be overstated. In most cases, five to ten pages is all you have to ensure readers are hooked for the rest of the ride.

Get full, professional feedback on the first 3,000 words of your novel with our First Chapter Critique.

AutoCrit Story Inspection
AutoCrit Story Inspection

Story Inspection

If your book is complete, but you still need some feedback on whether or not the story holds up for the duration, then AutoCrit’s Story Inspection is for you.

Get a thorough read of your book, including full commenting throughout as your chosen inspector points out what works and what doesn’t, and what you can do to fix it.

Story Doctor Clinic

Sometimes a story just doesn’t seem to be coming together – and enlisting the eye of a professional can be the solution to finding those blind spots you’ve been missing.

Take advantage of on-demand support whenever you need it, by booking a 30-minute time slot with one of our story coaches.

AutoCrit Perfect Pitch Appraisal

Perfect Pitch Appraisal

When you get the chance to pitch your book to an agent, it’s something you need to get right first time.

Score a home run with our Perfect Pitch Appraisal. We’ll thoroughly review your query letter, synopsis, opening chapter, and any other materials you intend to include with your pitch pack.

Let’s make sure you’re in pitch perfect shape.

One-to-One Coaching

If you’re struggling with elements of your story, need to refine your writing skills, or require additional help with accountability to ensure progress with your work, then you can book your own personal story coach with AutoCrit.

Enjoy weekly one-to-one calls where you’re free to discuss story ideas, get help with putting the pieces together, and receive direct feedback on your writing from experienced professionals with only one goal in mind: fostering your success.