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12 Writing Memes to Brighten Up Your Monday


Let it never be said that, here at AutoCrit, we don’t know how to have fun. Since memes are all the rage online these days, we figured we’d start your week off with a chuckle.

Here are 12 writing memes to brighten up your Monday – feel free to save them and share them with your writer friends if they also feel the pain, fame and shame of the writer’s life!

Writing meme - brain won't let you write













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  1. blank Jim Schock says:

    Only sensational! A few laughs in the morning smooths out the writing road all day. Thanks!

  2. Of course, I had to share them. Thanks.

  3. blank Loreen Finn says:

    Thanks for the chuckles. Each one hits the various spots of the writer’s soul.

  4. blank Maureen Ross says:

    Things have gone too far when you can’t pronounce the title of the book you’re reading for research …

    ‘Malleus Maleficarum’

  5. Where would we be without humour! Thanks. Raised a few giggles.

  6. blank Gloria Nye says:

    Thank you. A couple hit right on. Autocrit rocks. Or do people still say that?

  7. blank Tamu says:

    Pretty funny

  8. blank Anxiety says:

    it’s comforting to know i’m not the only one who has these ruts in writing.

  9. blank Portia Dawson says:

    You made my day!!!

  10. blank BARBARA L. CARTER says:

    Funny and I will share.

  11. blank Wendy says:

    Mildly surprised there’s no “last revision”! (I’d offer mine, but I got it before the internet and never got around to scanning it.)

  12. Hilarious. Thank you for making my day. I needed this after yesterday’s edits!

  13. blank Darl says:

    Can’t help but laugh … even though it hurts.

    1. blank Darl says:

      funny, thanks for the laughs. .

  14. blank Jennifer Cornell says:

    Funny! Thanks for the chuckles!

  15. blank Dawn says:

    Love the memes…starts my day off with a laugh (no bad thing when you are editing for the millionth time)…thanks Autocrit !!

  16. blank Dr Shadrick G Lungu says:

    Was it me who wrote this? Oops

  17. blank Mel Hughes says:

    They’re all great, but the “plot twist” one really made my day. Thanks for these!

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