If you have a book to sell, or a brand new story to tell, then the AutoCrit Writers’ Market is the place to be!

This time around, we have a variety of fiction markets all seeking submissions from creative authors. See anything that fits the manuscript you’ve just whipped into shape with AutoCrit? Give it a home!

Alternatively, check out the guidelines from each publisher – they may just spark a perfectly fitting idea that you can bring to life in time for the deadline.

As always, we wish you the best of luck with your submissions. On with the list…



Sci-Fi and Fantasy Banner

Analog: Science Fiction and Fact magazine accepts short stories and serials, with few restrictions on creative content – all they ask is that the aspect of future science or technology be completely integral to the plot.

Closes on: Ongoing

Length: Up to 20,000 words for stories, 40,000-80,000 words for serials.

Payment: 8-10 cents/word for short stories, 6 cents/word for serials.

Submission Guidelines: http://www.analogsf.com/contact-us/writers-guidelines/

Deep Magic e-zine accepts clean fantasy and science fiction tales, preferring gripping stories that don’t rely on sex, swearing, and graphic violence.

Closes on: Ongoing

Length: 1,000- 40,000 words (though payment is capped at 16,000 words).

Payment: 8 cents/word for the first 5,000 words, then 6 cents/word up to 16,000 words. Payment is capped at $1,060 for stories longer than 16,000 words.

Submission Guidelines: http://deepmagic.co/submissions/#

Dreaming Robot Press is open to submissions for the 2019 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide.

Give them well-written tales of adventure, space, and science with characters a middle grade reader can identify with. Help encourage the love of science fiction in the next generation of readers!

Closes on: December 31, 2017

Length: 3,000-6,000 words

Payment: 6 cents/word

Submission Guidelines: http://dreamingrobotpress.com/young-explorers-adventure-guide-submissions/

New-to-the-scene small press Castrum Press is on the hunt for full-length novels in the science fiction genre.

Closes on: Ongoing

Length: 75,000-140,000 words

Payment: Royalties (typically 40%)

Submission Guidelines: http://www.castrumpress.com/



Horror banner
Lethe Press is seeking entries for A Midas Clutch: Tales of Opulent Horror.

Stories of people consumed by wealth, each tale must be suffused with the trappings of the well-to-do. Decadence should be paramount. Celebrate those who can buy the finest things in life… except they just happen to be the leads in a horror story. No zombie or vampire tales.

Closes on: December 31, 2017

Length: 4,000-14,000 words

Payment: 5 cents/word for original fiction, 2 cents/word for reprints

Submission Guidelines: http://www.lethepressbooks.com/call-for-submissions.html

The Binge-Watching Cure II wants to have the most terrifying tales you can muster, from all areas of the horror spectrum. Dark fantasy, vampires, zombies, werewolves, Cthulhu Mythos, psychological horror, ghost stories, East European myths, kind fairies gone rogue, Japanese monsters, apocalyptic horror, gothic, and just plain scary monsters – anything goes.

Closes on: January 1, 2018

Length: Within 15% of 100, 200, 500, 750, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 3,500, 4,000, 4,500, 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 words.

Within 20% of 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 and 25,000 words.

Payment: 5 cents/word

Submission Guidelines: http://bingewatchingcure.com/submissions/

Dark Cloud Press is seeking anthology entries for Tales of Blood and Squalor.

Can you shock and delight them with atmospheric horror in a squalid setting, or scenes featuring squalorous conditions, wretched characters, and a psychologically thrilling conclusion splattered with blood?

Closes on: September 30, 2017 (or until filled)

Length: 3,000-4,000 words preferred

Payment: 3 cents/word

Submission Guidelines: http://darkcloudpress.com/TBS_antho.htm



Crime banner

HarperCollins imprint KillerReads is still looking for full-length crime and thriller manuscripts. Give them page-turning thrillers and police procedurals that grab the reader by the throat and refuse to let go.

Closes On: Open until filled

Length: Unspecified. Assume minimum 60,000 words.

Payment: Arranged with author.

Submission Guidelines: http://www.killerreads.com/open-submissions/



Romance and Erotica Banner

Painted Hearts Publishing are looking stories in all genres of romance from new, unpublished authors and those already established in the field.

At present, they are specifically looking to fill spots for the following:

Sci-fi romance
F/F (lesbian) romance
Military/First Responder romance
Contemporary/Mainstream sweet romance
Sweet/closed door western romance (M/F and M/M)
Western romance (M/M)
Sports romance (all genres)
Christmas/Holiday romance (all genres) – deadline Oct 1st

Closes On: Open until filled

Length: 15,000+ words

Payment: Uncertain (royalties guaranteed)

Submission Guidelines: http://www.paintedheartspublishing.com/submissions

Finch Books seeks contemporary Young Adult romance stories.

Closes on: Ongoing

Length: 10,000-100,000 words

Payment: Royalties (typically 40%)

Submission Guidelines: http://www.totallyentwinedgroup.com/submissions/submission-calls-finch-books/#fb-current-open-submissions

Harper Impulse Romance wants novels of any length, from fresh and unique voices that stand out from the crowd.

Send them entertaining fiction that women everywhere will love to read. Make them laugh, cry, fall in love, and tell all their friends about your gripping tales.

They are especially interested in the following genres:

Contemporary romance
Historical romance
Chick lit and romantic comedy
Epic and saga
Psychological Suspense
Crime & Thriller
Women’s fiction
Multi-cultural Fiction
Commercial Literary

Closes on: Ongoing

Length: None specified

Payment: Royalties (unconfirmed)

Submission Guidelines: http://www.harperimpulseromance.com/contact/write-for-us/



LGBT Fiction banner
Lethe Press is seeking entries for gay anthology The Decadents.

Embracing the Decadent Movement, stories should be set during the 18th or 19th century with a positive focus on gay male characters. Stories need not be set in European cities.

Closes on: May 2018

Length: 4,000-14,000 words

Payment: 5 cents/word for original fiction, 1.5 cents/word for reprints

Submission Guidelines: http://www.lethepressbooks.com/call-for-submissions.html



Speculative Fiction banner
Trouble the Waters: Tales from the Deep Blue seeks a variety of strange tales that explore all kinds of water lore – ancient, new, and wholly original. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, interstitial, and unclassifiable works are all welcome.

Closes on: November 1, 2017

Length: 2,500-7,000 words

Payment: 6 cents/word for originals, 2 cents/word for select reprints.

Submission Guidelines: http://rosariumpublishing.com/trouble-the-waters-submissions.html

CSFG Publishing are looking to fill up their anthology, A Hand of Knaves.

Give them swashbuckling rogues, heroic deeds performed by ne’er-do-wells, and diverse bands of roving thieves and pirates embroiled in Machiavellian intrigue.

Closes on: November 15, 2017

Length: 5,000 words maximum

Payment: Flat fee of (at least) $30 per story, plus 2 contributor copies.

Submission Guidelines: http://www.csfg.org.au/publications/



Humor banner
Books & Boos Press are looking for short stories to include in their horror-comedy anthology, tentatively titled A Sharp Stick in the Eye (and Other Funny Stories).

Stories should be entertaining and darkly funny, yet still fall firmly within the realm of horror. Make them die laughing.

Closes on: September 30, 2017

Length: 4,000-8,000 words

Payment: Flat fee of $50 plus a contributor copy

Submission Guidelines: https://booksandboospress.com/submission-guidelines/


NOTE: None of the publishers listed are in any way affiliated with, nor directly recommended by, AutoCrit. Whilst we do our best to bring you only the most interesting and/or appealing opportunities we can find, we are not involved with these publishers and cannot comment on their potential business practices.


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