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Weekly Writing Roundup – November 10

We’re focusing on inspiration and motivation in this week’s roundup – so while there are certainly useful tips to be found within, be ready for a heartfelt blast of get-up-and-go. Today, dive into: An article from Bustle that presents some exceedingly timely advice from author John Green – that sometimes, even when it feels like [...]

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7 Productivity Tips for Busy Writers

Whether you’re bashing out a novel for NaNoWriMo, crafting a short story or simply trying to get into the habit of noting down your ideas, successful writing depends on three things: productivity, consistency, and discipline. This isn’t the most fun combination, naturally, but here are seven ways to bring more productivity into your writing routine [...]

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Feeling Stuck? Get Moving with Writing Prompts!

We know how it is – sometimes even the most gloriously free-wheeling writing sessions can come to a dead stop. Worse, is when it happens as you’re staring down a harsh deadline! To increase your chances of having 2k-word days, it helps to have some writing prompts to hand – ready to fire up your [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – November 03

In this week’s roundup, we’re being body-snatched by The Writer’s Ally! Take a few minutes to enjoy a coffee (or any of your other favorite beverages) and have a read through: A few quick but no-nonsense tips for making it through November (and, in all honesty, any other month in a writing career!) in 3 [...]

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NaNoWriMo Is Go! A Message for 2017

Today's the day -- November is here for another year, and that means hundreds of thousands of writers worldwide are officially on a mission to complete their novel within the next 30 days! If you're taking part, we salute you. Everyone behind the scenes (pages?) here at AutoCrit would like to take this opportunity to [...]

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Ask the Editor: Beth Hill

On this edition of Ask the Editor, we're siting down for an in-depth chat with the one and only Beth Hill. Beth is a freelance fiction editor who’s been forever fascinated by the creative power of words. She loves that words can create new worlds and people, characters so real that readers in the 3-D [...]

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