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Editing Books: After the Daft Part III
Book Editing: After the Draft Part 1
Editing a Book: After the Draft Part 1

Editing with Premise and Throughline in mind

Have you ever tried to explain what your book is about to a stranger only to see their eyes glaze over after the first minute or two? You know in your heart that your 80,000 words is full of intrigue, drama and an amazing ending. But how do you get this across to someone you […]

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writing advice from famous authors
How to handle criticism as a writer
power verbs
pacing in writing

Pacing in Writing – 7 Ways to Keep Your Story Moving

Pacing in writing is the key to creating stories your readers can’t put down. Think of how many times you’ve heard someone comment on a book they’ve abandoned by saying “I tried to get through it, but it was just so slow” or “It just raced along, but it didn’t have any substance.” What is […]

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what are adverbs

What Are Adverbs and Why Should You Care?

Stephen King said, “I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs.” Hemingway, known for his spare writing style, used -ly words far less often than the average writer (42% as often, according to LitCharts.) But what are adverbs? And are they really that bad?   What are Adverbs? Adverbs are words used to […]

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self-editing for fiction writers

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: A Quick-Start Checklist

Self-editing is a challenge for even the most skilled fiction writers. Once you’ve poured your heart and soul into a draft, it’s difficult to slash and revise the words you’ve become attached to. But, as the famous writers’ expression goes, you must kill your darlings if you hope to create a work of fiction readers […]

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