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4 Writing Books That Will Make You Better at Self-Editing

Take a quick browse through a bookstore or Amazon’s virtual shelves and you’ll discover that there are hundreds of books about how to write fiction. But when you need to get serious about self-editing your manuscript, pickings are slim. Still, a few fantastic books stand out as tremendous guides to help fiction writers self-edit. Here’s [...]

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Why (And How) Should You Organize Your Writing?

To the collective AutoCrit mind, organization is important. Essential, even. The public might imagine writers as messy creative types, perched behind desks that overflow with coffee-stained pages, tattered sticky notes, and half-empty Starbucks containers. While there may, admittedly, be some truth in there, the fact remains that some organization is a must for a happy [...]

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How to Add Depth to a Character

Indiana jones. Sherlock Holmes. Juliet Capulet. The dream of every writer is to create a character that is so real – so believable – they take on a life of their own. From a commercial perspective, a great character will drive demand for more stories with that character in them. From a personal perspective, imagine [...]

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Why a Sad Ending Might Be Good For Your Book

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for a selection of famous novels.] Throughout our lifetime, almost every one of us will read at least one book that changes us. A book with characters so life-like, so relatable, that you don’t want the story to end. And if you’re deeply connected to these characters, a sad ending [...]

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How to Write a Memorable Beginning

When you lift the curtains on your story and welcome readers into your exciting new world, there are multiple challenges you must overcome in those initial moments. First, there’s the challenge of creating a strong first page – an instantly gripping opener that convinces the reader that yes, this seems like a journey well worth [...]

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The Basics of Writing for Comedy

Comedy… why do we like it so much? What makes it different from other genres? And how can you add some funny scenes into your story to provide a bit of light relief? Briefly, comedy is what makes people laugh – but it’s also treacherously subjective. Home videos of people falling off trampolines can have [...]

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