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7 Productivity Tips for Busy Writers

Whether you’re bashing out a novel for NaNoWriMo, crafting a short story or simply trying to get into the habit of noting down your ideas, successful writing depends on three things: productivity, consistency, and discipline. This isn’t the most fun combination, naturally, but here are seven ways to bring more productivity into your writing routine [...]

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The Path of the Anti-Hero

All satisfying hero characters should be flawed, but there’s a particular kind that cranks up the off-kilter factor to dangerous levels: the anti-hero. Narcissistic, grumpy, guilty or damaged, we love them despite their many, many weaknesses. This type of protagonist is compelling because they show us that, despite our human failings, we’re all capable and [...]

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How to Create a Villain Your Readers Will Love to Hate

Evil laugh… funny hairdo… yeah, that’s another boring villain. Yawn. Why is it that most villains are run-of-the-mill, seem to pose no real threat even though they’ve got the remote for the bomb in their hand, or — to put it bluntly —are  just dumb? For your efforts to really take off, you need to create a villain [...]

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How to Create Believable Main Characters

Knowing how to bring non-existent people to life on the page is an essential skill for any writer, and even more so when deadlines are tight. When time is of the essence, and you have to keep yourself motivated, forcing yourself to write a novel with a flat, dull or uninspiring main character quickly turns [...]

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[VIDEO] 5 Ways to NaNoWriMo Like a Career Novelist

Reading article after article to stuff your brain with all the writing knowledge you can absorb is certainly a good use of energy... but sometimes you just want to sit for 10 minutes with a nice warm drink and enjoy a video. Today, we present a video featuring Rachael Stephen (and her less-than-amused dog), as [...]

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Grant Faulkner Talks Writing, Productivity, and NaNoWriMo 2017!

Besides certain award ceremonies and niche genre celebrations, there are few events in the writer’s calendar that make as big a splash each year as NaNoWriMo does. As you might be aware, 2017 marks AutoCrit’s debut as a sponsor for the festivities – and to help celebrate that fact, we grabbed hold of NaNoWriMo’s Executive [...]

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