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Guest Post: Do You Have What it Takes to Write a Book?

Today's post comes from one of our dear friends: sought-after speaker, educator and award-winning book coach, Lisa Tener. As a book writing coach, Lisa helps writers in all aspects of the writing process -- from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice, prioritizing projects, developing an author platform, setting clear [...]

Short Story Submission: 5 Steps to Success

Rejection often comes part and parcel with any short story submission. Sad but true. But how can you start to make rejection less of a soul-crushing norm (the kind that makes you want to run and hide the moment you hit "Send") and more of a random, but tolerable, hazard of the profession? Let's face [...]

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How Many Words in a Novel?

A common worry when nearing the finale of your debut novel is whether you have a) enough words to qualify as a publishable, full-length novel or b) too many words packed into those pages – which will put off both publishers and readers, for different reasons. But how do you know when you’re toeing the [...]