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Weekly Writing Roundup – October 13

In this week’s roundup we’re sticking to the path of NaNoWriMo preparation, plus adding a little extra something to suit everyone – so click on through to enjoy: Jessica Strawser at Writer’s Digest, who offers up an impressive list of 30 Tips for Writing a Book in 30 Days. (Number 7 alone is such a [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – October 06

Since October is the month when many will be knuckling down to plan their stories for the upcoming NaNoWriMo challenge, we’re shortening the number of roundup entries to help preserve your time – but we aren’t compromising on quality! This week: The folks at Payhip get straight to the point with A Complete, No-Nonsense Guide [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – September 29

This week's roundup is all about fantasy, as our top picks bring you: David J. Peterson at Unbound Worlds, and his amazingly in-depth guide to Creating a Fantasy Language. Weapons expert Benjamin Sobiek’s 6 Tips for Writing Fantasy Weapons. Hannah Collins, who isn’t horsing around with her guide to Everything a Fantay Author Needs to [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – September 22

Best-selling author and writing coach C.S. Lakin makes her mark on this week's AutoCrit Writing Roundup, where the top picks include: Alex J Coyne at Re:Fiction, taking a quick but thoughtful dip into dark waters with Writing Fear that Will Give You the Shivers. The aforementioned C.S. Lakin, as she visits Seekerville to propose a [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – September 15

A smorgasbord of superb writing insights awaits you in this week's roundup, including: Fred Johnson, revealing why modern gaming is far more than child’s play in What Video Games Can Teach You About Storytelling. The Writer’s Ally, with The Secret to Impressing Big Agents and Publishers. Standout Books, offering a impressively smart method for building [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – September 08

In this week’s AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup: Bess Cozby at DIYMFA has some great advice with her Five Tips for Making the Most of a Writing Retreat. Worth a read even if you haven’t had the pleasure of going on one yet! Author Jim Hardison visits Writer’s Digest to offer us 7 Serious Tips for [...]

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