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5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Set Writing Goals

We are fast approaching what I like to call goal season. We are on the verge of National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) and the new year is only 2 months away. Everyone is flush with anticipation, high hopes, and even higher goals. So, what’s the danger in setting writing goals? What’s the big deal? You [...]

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Fiction Writing Advice from Famous Authors: 20 Pieces of Brilliant Insight

The world is full of people who want to give writing advice, but not everyone's qualified. The only people who truly understand writers and the writing life are writers themselves. We’ve compiled twenty quotes from famous authors with some of the very best advice on living the writing life, the craft itself, and the only way [...]

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When Feedback Hurts: How to Handle Criticism as a Writer

For some of us, hearing criticism or seeing those red marks on our drafts indicating places where we may need to make changes is like hearing our newborn baby is ugly. How can you make receiving feedback easier and more productive? Here's how to handle criticism without getting disheartened. Why Does Criticism Hurt? You pour [...]

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How to Write an Amazing About Me Page

About Me pages fill some fiction writers with dread. And yet, a good About Me page is essential to connecting with readers, winning new fans, and even impressing agents, editors, and publishers. The problem is, many of us are introverted artists. We scrawl fiction in our lonely writers’ caves, where the sign at the door [...]

Daily Routines of Bestselling Authors

What is the natural habitat of the happily published, career author? Is it sat in a boutique café with a deconstructed coffee, thundering through chapters on the newest laptop? Maybe it’s perched in the corner of the living room at midnight, clicking away on a vintage typewriter? What does a real daily routine look like, [...]

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How to Keep a Writing Journal You Won’t Neglect

Quick! Name something that can make you feel happier and more productive and inspires creativity. Your first thought might have been “a hot cup of coffee” – and okay, that’s valid. But did you know that keeping a writing journal has the same benefits and they last long after the caffeine buzz has worn off? Why Keep [...]

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