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NaNoWriMo Is Go! A Message for 2017

Today's the day -- November is here for another year, and that means hundreds of thousands of writers worldwide are officially on a mission to complete their novel within the next 30 days! If you're taking part, we salute you. Everyone behind the scenes (pages?) here at AutoCrit would like to take this opportunity to [...]

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5 Essential Screenwriting Podcasts You Should Subscribe to Today

If you’re a writer who blends a vivid imagination with the written word to create scripts for the big screen, TV, or even the stage, you’re sure to appreciate sitting back and listening to a good podcast or two on the subject. When you manage to get the time spare, that is! Writing for film [...]

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How Hard is it to Get a Book Published? These Authors Will Inspire You to Keep Going

No matter how long you’ve been writing, it’s important never to give up. It’s something we at AutoCrit, and countless successful authors across the globe, stress time and time again when the question is asked: Just how hard is it to get a book published? In this line of work, rejection is common – and [...]

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Monday Motivation: What You Need to Know About Imposter Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is a nasty affliction that causes the sufferer to believe they’re somehow out of place: That they’ve ‘faked it’ and don’t deserve the successes they’ve had. It robs the sufferer of any joy to be found in triumph, dumping them instead into the constant belief that they’re a fraud. And few suffer more [...]

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Writing is the Only Magic I Still Believe In: A TEDx Video with Jarred McGinnis

Monday often feels like the most dreary day of the week, regardless of the weather... so today we're handing the blog over to a video that manages to at once be entertaining, humorous, insightful, motivational and inspirational. Speaker Jarred McGinnis is co-founder of literary variety night The Special Relationship, and in this short 10-minute presentation [...]

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9 Motivational Quotes About Writing You Should Always Keep in Mind

We both know the path of the author isn’t an easy one to tread. When you’re plagued by self doubt and lack of time – when you struggle with inspiration, motivation and procrastination – getting to the end of that first draft can feel like crawling your way up a mountain. In a blizzard. In [...]

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