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Regular Online Competitions for Writers

Given the wide reach of the internet, there’s no shortage of writing competitions available to enter nowadays. In fact, if you spent enough time exercising some Google-fu, chances are you could pull out thousands of competitions, spread across almost any genre and style you could think of. Some competitions are free, while others ask for [...]

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Writers’ Markets – April 2018

Once again, we’ve been busy scouring the fiction markets, looking out for the most interesting homes for your latest stories. What did we find this time around? Take a look at the lists below! Be sure to thoroughly check the guidelines from each publisher. Even if you don’t have anything ready right now, they might [...]

By | April 23rd, 2018|Writers' Markets|3 Comments

Writers’ Markets – August 2017

If you have a book to sell, or a brand new story to tell, then the AutoCrit Writers’ Market is the place to be! This time around, we have a variety of fiction markets all seeking submissions from creative authors. See anything that fits the manuscript you’ve just whipped into shape with AutoCrit? Give it [...]

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Writers’ Markets – April 2017

Got a book to sell, or a story to tell? Once you're done whipping your manuscript into tip-top shape with AutoCrit, let us help you find a home for it with this month's Writers' Markets list. Here you'll find a selection of publishers, anthologies and magazines all currently looking for submissions, along with the relevant [...]

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