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What Makes a Hero? A Video Lesson with Matthew Winkler

Series of Superhero comic covers

The roots of the heroic archetype, and the accompanying dramatic journey, stretch far back into the annals of human history – a framework that has changed very little across millennia.

And for good reason.

Today, we present a short video lesson by Matthew Winkler that breaks down the hero’s journey – the basic structure of almost every story we humans continue to enjoy creating and consuming.

But it isn’t just the framework that’s important. Matthew also has a parting lesson for you, and it’s one that should come in very useful for you as a creative writer.

Because every day, in even the smallest of ways, your own series of heroic journeys – and those of the people around you – play out. Learn to look for them, and inspiration will never be far away.

Enjoy the video. 🙂



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  1. Karen Madej says:

    Thank you, Matthew! I will follow these steps.

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