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AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup

Weekly Writing Roundup – July 28

This time, in the AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup… Tamar Sloan at Psychwriter explains why Your Book Needs These 6 Psychological Ingredients. Re:Fiction’s Jennifer Brown Banks demonstrates 5 Ways to Turn Writing Gaffes into Writing Gold. (We could probably all do with these!) Glen C. Strathy from How to Write a Book Now takes an impressively […]

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When to Use Whom in Your Writing

It’s a favorite correction of those with impeccable grammar knowledge, yet it’s still widely misunderstood by writers and readers of the English language all over the world… When should you use who, and when should you use whom? First, a little history: The word who derives from the Old English hwā, which was commonly used […]

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AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup
Robbi Bryant

Ask the Editor: Robbi Sommers Bryant

In this episode of Ask the Editor, we’re joined by the talented Robbi Sommers Bryant! Having worked as a professional, multi-genre editor since 2011, Robbi has also been published both traditionally and through self-publishing. Her award-winning books include a novella, four novels, five short-story collections, and one book of poetry. Published in magazines including Readers […]

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AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup
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