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5 Fun Literary Devices You Should Play With Today

A healthy arsenal of literary devices is something a writer can’t be without. This isn’t only because certain elements are necessary for standard storytelling, but also because switching up your technique enriches the experience. From tension to humor, confusion, sadness, and even outright fear, employment of literary devices is what turns plain, matter-of-fact writing into […]

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AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup
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Adverbs Weighing Down Writing
AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup

Weekly Writing Roundup – May 19

Your Weekly Writing Roundup is here! Hit the links below and treat yourself to: Award-winning author David Corbett, who delves into eliciting real emotion in your reader, with his piece entitled Emotion vs. Feeling: How to Evoke More From Readers. Susan Spann getting businesslike with 10 Questions to Ask Before You Accept a Traditional Publishing […]

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AutoCrit Tips & Tricks
Lisa Tener

Guest Post: Do You Have What it Takes to Write a Book?

Today’s post comes from one of our dear friends: sought-after speaker, educator and award-winning book coach, Lisa Tener. As a book writing coach, Lisa helps writers in all aspects of the writing process — from writing a book proposal and getting published to finding one’s creative voice, prioritizing projects, developing an author platform, setting clear […]

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AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup
List of Clichés to Strike Down in Editing
Nesting in storytelling -- the three act structure (Russian dolls analogy)