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AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup
"Mistakes were made..." Example of passive voice in writing

Active & Passive Voice, with Examples

Ah… passive voice. Just hearing that term conjures images of ninth-grade English class with all its confusing grammar rules! Passive voice is something that’s often talked about with disdain by editors and writing coaches – but many writers find it hard to recognise when they’re using it. That muscle can be a difficult one to […]

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Geoff Brown of Cohesion Press, editor and publisher
AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup
Film Camera -- Writing a Movie Script that Sells
AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup
Five colored playing pieces

5 Fun Literary Devices You Should Play With Today

A healthy arsenal of literary devices is something a writer can’t be without. This isn’t only because certain elements are necessary for standard storytelling, but also because switching up your technique enriches the experience. From tension to humor, confusion, sadness, and even outright fear, employment of literary devices is what turns plain, matter-of-fact writing into […]

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