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Stephen King - quote about writing - The road to hell is paved with adverbs.
AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup

Weekly Writing Roundup – June 23

Welcome! In this week’s Roundup: Janice Hardy helps you break through that frustrating voice bubble and find a different verbal perspective with 5 Ways to Develop Character Voices (that don’t sound like you). Faye Kirwin at Writerology makes a welcome return with 3 Ways Your Characters Could Forgive… Or Not. Dr. John Yeoman investigates the […]

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Too Much Information -- Fix excessive description in your writing
Dublin Writers' Conference
Descriptive writing for descriptive writers
AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup
"Mistakes were made..." Example of passive voice in writing

Active & Passive Voice, with Examples

Ah… passive voice. Just hearing that term conjures images of ninth-grade English class with all its confusing grammar rules! Passive voice is something that’s often talked about with disdain by editors and writing coaches – but many writers find it hard to recognise when they’re using it. That muscle can be a difficult one to […]

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Geoff Brown of Cohesion Press, editor and publisher
AutoCrit Weekly Writing Roundup
Film Camera -- Writing a Movie Script that Sells