5 Idioms with Unexpected Origins

Clichés may be an undesirable ingredient for your prose (in fact, AutoCrit even has a report dedicated to that specific curse), but there’s no denying that, used sparingly, idioms can make for a fun way to color characters. Every language and culture on Earth has its own set of idioms. Some are shared across entire [...]

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On the Nose: Editing for Natural (But Refined) Dialogue

When you sit down for each editing pass on your manuscript’s first draft, you’re going to be working your way through a series of elements (if you’re taking our advice, that is). And one of the elements that demand the utmost scrutiny and determination in editing is dialogue. In this article, we’ll be approaching dialogue [...]

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5 Steps to Prep for Productive Editing

It’s easy to find plenty of talk about ways to maintain productivity when you’re writing... but what about when you’re editing? After all, it could be argued that the editing phase is when you need to be most focused – when you have to push your scrutiny levels to their limit, yet maintain composure as [...]

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How to Write a Book Synopsis That Stands Out

So, maybe you sent a query letter off to an agent or publisher, and the news is good: they want to see a full synopsis and a few sample chapters of your book! An author creating a book synopsis is a lot like a marketing writer tasked with putting together an advertisement or online landing [...]

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How to Write a Winning Query Letter for Traditional Publishers

The most important thing you’ll ever write isn’t your novel. It’s not even your next novel, or your life story, or that email to your boss you can’t quite bring yourself to send. It’s your query letter. This short letter is the key to opening the door to all your dreams – and if you’re hoping [...]

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6 Core Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

Many self-published authors don’t realize at first what they’re in for. A traditional publishing house will at least help you with marketing, promotion, and sales – but when you decide to take on the mantle of the publisher, it all falls down to you. Writers don’t tend to be natural salespeople, and too often for [...]

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