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Writer enjoying sunset on the beach - 3 steps to writing heaven
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Manuscript page in typewriter - top mistakes in self-publishing
Detour signs - Writing Subplots
Using Symbolism in Fiction - Conch Shell from Lord of the Flies

Using Symbolism in Fiction

Commercially, symbolism gets a bit of a bad rap these days – possibly because of literature lessons delving far too deeply into why the curtains in a certain scene were blue. Does this choice of color represent the tranquil stillness of the homeowner’s mind at the time the scene takes place? Or did blue just […]

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Tension Techniques - Stalling for Time
Is there a difference between perspective and POV?

Is There a Difference Between Perspective and POV?

There are those of us who tend to use ‘point of view’ and ‘perspective’ interchangeably – whether we’re talking about the technical aspects of writing or just simple everyday conversation. For example, you’ve probably said (or heard someone else say) something like this: “My point of view is the book could use more work. What’s […]

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AutoCrit - Foreshadowing with Flair

How to Foreshadow with Flair

Few outstanding stories don’t include at least a couple of instances of foreshadowing – because, in tight fiction, everything happens for a reason. Real life may be dull, filled with disconnected events that are purely coincidental (hence, ‘stranger than fiction’) but this doesn’t tend to translate well to the page. In storytelling, action and consequence […]

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