6 Core Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

Many self-published authors don’t realize at first what they’re in for. A traditional publishing house will at least help you with marketing, promotion, and sales – but when you decide to take on the mantle of the publisher, it all falls down to you. Writers don’t tend to be natural salespeople, and too often for [...]

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Practical Tips for Editing Your First Draft

When you finally reach the end of your novel’s first draft, one huge weight is lifted from your shoulders – only to be replaced with another. Because as uplifting as it is to lay down those final few words in a manuscript, doing so also means that the editing phase is waiting just around the [...]

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[VIDEO] Editing Short Stories for Publication

You know we love to inject a little video content into the AutoCrit blog from time to time, and so today we're taking a break to bring you a little help on a topic that's often overlooked -- especially when you're searching for advice on self-editing. That topic is short stories, and if -- for [...]

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Ask the Author: An Interview with John Hansen

Author and AutoCrit user John Hansen is a man with many stories to tell. A Vietnam veteran who subsequently went on to serve more than two decades with the police before becoming a private investigator, John has been relaying his experiences through the fiction-based lens of his series The Bluesuit Chronicles. Given the recent release [...]

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5 NaNoWriMo Novels That Were a Commercial Success

Everyone dreams of sailing through NaNoWriMo, completing the 50,000th word with a flourish at 11:58 on November 30th, then spending a leisurely December polishing their manuscript into a budding bestseller for the New Year. The harsh truth is that for most of us, this may not become a reality – but that doesn’t mean it’s [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – November 24

Wow... that was fast. It’s officially the final roundup of NaNoWriMo! In these last days, you might be approaching the climax and ending of your novel... so it's the ideal time to dive into those with our top picks this week. Sprint to the finish line with help from: Dean Elphick at Writer’s Edit, with [...]

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