Weekly Writing Roundup – October 27

Today’s Weekly Roundup is all about utility, with a few handy tools that should be of use to you whether or not you’re undertaking NaNoWriMo this year. It’s time to get your hands on: David Seah’s superbly designed, printable NaNoWriMo word count calendar. Track your progress in style, and with total ease! An online Pomodoro [...]

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The Path of the Anti-Hero

All satisfying hero characters should be flawed, but there’s a particular kind that cranks up the off-kilter factor to dangerous levels: the anti-hero. Narcissistic, grumpy, guilty or damaged, we love them despite their many, many weaknesses. This type of protagonist is compelling because they show us that, despite our human failings, we’re all capable and [...]

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How to Create a Villain Your Readers Will Love to Hate

Evil laugh… funny hairdo… yeah, that’s another boring villain. Yawn. Why is it that most villains are run-of-the-mill, seem to pose no real threat even though they’ve got the remote for the bomb in their hand, or — to put it bluntly —are  just dumb? For your efforts to really take off, you need to create a villain [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – October 20

In this week’s roundup, we present a couple of lengthy but fascinating pieces for you to dig into! Prepare to crack out the best first draft you can this NaNoWriMo with: •    Robert Wood at Standout Books, asking the rather controversial question: Is There Such a Thing as a Good MacGuffin? •    Glen C. Strathy [...]

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How to Create Believable Main Characters

Knowing how to bring non-existent people to life on the page is an essential skill for any writer, and even more so when deadlines are tight. When time is of the essence, and you have to keep yourself motivated, forcing yourself to write a novel with a flat, dull or uninspiring main character quickly turns [...]

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Ask the Editor: Ray Rhamey

In this edition of our Q&A series, Ask the Editor, say hello to Ray Rhamey! Ray is an author, freelance fiction editor, and book designer ( He has been editing (developmental/content editing) book-length fiction since 2003. Before that, he was a copywriter and creative director in the advertising industry, and story editor/screenwriter at Filmation, an [...]

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