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Are There Only 7 Stories in the World?

Many academics, most notably author Christopher Booker, believe that there are only seven basic plot structures in all of storytelling – frameworks that are recycled again and again in fiction but populated by different settings, characters, and conflicts. Those seven plots are: Overcoming the Monster Rags to Riches The Quest Voyage and Return Rebirth Comedy […]

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Writer enjoying sunset on the beach - 3 steps to writing heaven
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Productive writer/author happy and on top of the world
Writer with lightbulb head, waiting for inspiration
Manuscript page in typewriter - top mistakes in self-publishing
Detour signs - Writing Subplots
Using Symbolism in Fiction - Conch Shell from Lord of the Flies

Using Symbolism in Fiction

Commercially, symbolism gets a bit of a bad rap these days – possibly because of literature lessons delving far too deeply into why the curtains in a certain scene were blue. Does this choice of color represent the tranquil stillness of the homeowner’s mind at the time the scene takes place? Or did blue just […]

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Tension Techniques - Stalling for Time