Writers: Get Organized, Get Productive, Get Happy!

Roald Dahl had a shed at the bottom of his garden. Agatha Christie went to luxury hotels. Jack Kerouac probably sat at a bar with a bottle of scotch. Wherever it is, a writer needs a space to call their own. For many of us, that will involve repurposing part of our home, rather than [...]

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Are You Waiting for Inspiration?

The search for inspiration is part of a writer’s life. Just like any other creative person, sometimes the fresh ideas flow freely, while at other times it seems like we’ve used up all the inspiration we’re going to get for this lifetime. But just how does inspiration work? According to the late, great Terry Pratchett: [...]

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Guest Post: The Top 9 Mistakes Writers Make When Self-Publishing a Book

Publishing a new book is probably one of the most nerve-wracking and satisfying moments of a writer’s life. Every author must have felt it – the fulfillment, the pride, that special type of anxiety roiling in your stomach. All the results of your hard – but well worth it – work. But before you rush [...]

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Subplots: The Connective Tissue That Holds Your Story Together

What use are subplots? You have a story to tell, and any good novel is supposed to stay laser-focused on what really matters, isn’t it? Naturally, yes, it is – but that doesn’t mean that subplots are complete detours from the main event, or lazy distractions designed solely to pad out your word count. Instead, [...]

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Using Symbolism in Fiction

Commercially, symbolism gets a bit of a bad rap these days – possibly because of literature lessons delving far too deeply into why the curtains in a certain scene were blue. Does this choice of color represent the tranquil stillness of the homeowner’s mind at the time the scene takes place? Or did blue just [...]

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Tension Techniques: The Sly Art of Stalling

There was a man who wanted to rob a bank and escape with the money. He did. The End. Succinct, right? But unless you’re working on some flash fiction (and sometimes, even if you are), every story needs elements of suspense and tension. And these take time to build. You need to spread them out [...]

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