[VIDEO] Story Endings: 10 Tips to Help You, by Mark Crilley

Writer and illustrator Mark Crilley offers up a wealth of artistic insight over on his YouTube channel, and we've had the pleasure of sharing some of it in the past. Today, we present to you Mark's top tips on endings. Endings can always be a challenge, but each of these suggestions should be helpful independent [...]

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5 Common Words That Aren’t Words At All

The English language is a fluid and dynamic beast, constantly changing as snow flurries of neologisms are added to the public vocabulary every day. It’s beautiful, really. The explosion of new words has been fuelled, in part, by the explosion of TV and the internet over the past two decades. For instance, did you know [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – November 17

There’s a glut of high-power tips throughout our picks for this week’s roundup – so without much further ado, jump on in and treat yourself to: Custom Writing’s colorful infographic, 15 Amazing Ways to Write Faster. If you’re finding yourself starting to flag this far into NaNoWriMo, or just looking for simple ways to boost [...]

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What’s the Score? – The Martian

We’re back once more with the AutoCrit scalpel in hand, ready to get surgical and see just what’s going on under the hood of another best-selling novel – through the magic of our unique Standout Fiction Algorithm. This dissection will put this entry’s chosen title under the microscope for two reasons: So that you can [...]

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The 5 Elements of a Good First Page

It happens all too often: you have a great story, yet every agent you contact rejects your manuscript. “Didn’t pique my interest.”   “Didn’t strike a chord.” “Isn’t resonating with me.”   While there are many reasons a manuscript gets turned down, a boring first page tops the list. Why read the rest of a [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – November 10

We’re focusing on inspiration and motivation in this week’s roundup – so while there are certainly useful tips to be found within, be ready for a heartfelt blast of get-up-and-go. Today, dive into: An article from Bustle that presents some exceedingly timely advice from author John Green – that sometimes, even when it feels like [...]

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