Weekly Writing Roundup – October 13

In this week’s roundup we’re sticking to the path of NaNoWriMo preparation, plus adding a little extra something to suit everyone – so click on through to enjoy: Jessica Strawser at Writer’s Digest, who offers up an impressive list of 30 Tips for Writing a Book in 30 Days. (Number 7 alone is such a [...]

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[VIDEO] 5 Ways to NaNoWriMo Like a Career Novelist

Reading article after article to stuff your brain with all the writing knowledge you can absorb is certainly a good use of energy... but sometimes you just want to sit for 10 minutes with a nice warm drink and enjoy a video. Today, we present a video featuring Rachael Stephen (and her less-than-amused dog), as [...]

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Grant Faulkner Talks Writing, Productivity, and NaNoWriMo 2017!

Besides certain award ceremonies and niche genre celebrations, there are few events in the writer’s calendar that make as big a splash each year as NaNoWriMo does. As you might be aware, 2017 marks AutoCrit’s debut as a sponsor for the festivities – and to help celebrate that fact, we grabbed hold of NaNoWriMo’s Executive [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – October 06

Since October is the month when many will be knuckling down to plan their stories for the upcoming NaNoWriMo challenge, we’re shortening the number of roundup entries to help preserve your time – but we aren’t compromising on quality! This week: The folks at Payhip get straight to the point with A Complete, No-Nonsense Guide [...]

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Getting a Head Start: How to Write a Book Outline

When the subject of discussion wanders onto how to write a book outline, writers can be quite divided on the matter – when, how, where or even if to use them. Whether or not you felt your eye twitch a little upon reading the title of this article might be an indicator of where your [...]

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6 Tips for Conjuring Quick Novel Ideas

The nights are drawing in, Christmas is just on the horizon (don’t remind us!) and writers across the world are gearing up for a marathon. That’s right – NaNoWriMo will soon be upon us! October’s the month during which many NaNo participants think about planning their story for the upcoming, keyboard-shredding insanity... so you brew [...]

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