Weekly Writing Roundup – September 29

This week's roundup is all about fantasy, as our top picks bring you: David J. Peterson at Unbound Worlds, and his amazingly in-depth guide to Creating a Fantasy Language. Weapons expert Benjamin Sobiek’s 6 Tips for Writing Fantasy Weapons. Hannah Collins, who isn’t horsing around with her guide to Everything a Fantay Author Needs to [...]

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What’s the Score? – The Hunger Games (Book 1)

It’s no secret to users that AutoCrit is an extremely powerful editing platform, stuffed to the gills with helpful reports and feedback mechanisms. But sometimes it can be a little mystifying when you're trying to decide which actions would have the biggest impact on your manuscript, and what kind of summary score you should be [...]

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Points of View: Writing in Third Person Perspective

The third person point of view is one of the oldest, and most common, forms of storytelling. Unlike first and second person, the reader is immersed in the story whilst remaining totally independent of any one character’s thoughts, feelings and experiences – free to roam around, privy to any information the author chooses to disclose. [...]

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Weekly Writing Roundup – September 22

Best-selling author and writing coach C.S. Lakin makes her mark on this week's AutoCrit Writing Roundup, where the top picks include: Alex J Coyne at Re:Fiction, taking a quick but thoughtful dip into dark waters with Writing Fear that Will Give You the Shivers. The aforementioned C.S. Lakin, as she visits Seekerville to propose a [...]

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Points of View: Writing in Second Person Perspective

Writing in the second person is extremely unusual in fiction, but not unheard of. Unlike the widely-used first and third person perspectives, the second person is trickier to get right, and more suited for certain niches as well as technical and professional documents. The hallmark of the second person perspective is the primary use of [...]

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Points of View: Writing in First Person Perspective

Writing from a first person perspective plants your readers directly in the story – they can immediately access the voice and inner thoughts of a main character, straight from the horse’s mouth. As the hallmarks of a first person perspective, using ‘I’ and ‘my’ makes it easier for the reader to experience the proceedings as [...]

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