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Is there a difference between perspective and POV?
AutoCrit - Foreshadowing with Flair

How to Foreshadow with Flair

Few outstanding stories don’t include at least a couple of instances of foreshadowing – because, in tight fiction, everything happens for a reason. Real life may be dull, filled with disconnected events that are purely coincidental (hence, ‘stranger than fiction’) but this doesn’t tend to translate well to the page. In storytelling, action and consequence […]

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Twins representing commonly confused homophones

6 Commonly Confused Homophones

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to get your proofreaders and editor on your case with a vengeance, it’s falling prey to homophone confusion. Homophones are words that sound alike when you’re speaking out loud but have different spellings and completely different definitions. It might seem, to some, like a small thing – but using […]

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Greek God statue: Dodging the Deus Ex Machina

Dodging the Deus Ex Machina

The phrase deus ex machina is one that you’ve likely encountered throughout your literary travels. Latin for god from the machine, it describes an unexpected and sudden event which saves a hopeless situation. Allegedly, the phrase’s roots go all the way back to ancient Greece, where many a play would see an actor lowered from […]

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