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[VIDEO] 5 Ways to NaNoWriMo Like a Career Novelist

A pile of books by career novelists

Reading article after article to stuff your brain with all the writing knowledge you can absorb is certainly a good use of energy… but sometimes you just want to sit for 10 minutes with a nice warm drink and enjoy a video.

Today, we present a video featuring Rachael Stephen (and her less-than-amused dog), as she talks you through what we think are some very useful tips for approaching NaNoWriMo like a career novelist.

Rachael is a strong advocate for planning your novel in advance – so pantsers, consider yourselves warned. There may be a clash of opinions here!

If you enjoy the video, take a look at Rachael’s YouTube channel for more writing tips and NaNoWriMo-themed content.

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  1. Glenn says:

    Yes I’m a pantser, but I also create a scene outline in excel to develop the characters and plot.

  2. Jeff Lau says:

    I have autocrit but can’t get it to come up. How do I bring it back again?
    Also, how can I move it to my laptop?
    take care and God bless

    1. AutoCrit says:

      Hey Jeff!

      Since AutoCrit is web-based, all you need to do is log in through here:

      You can log in through that same address on any device you want to work on, so on your laptop just pop open your browser, head to the login page, and sign in there.

      If you run into any problems, do send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get it all sorted out for you.

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