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[VIDEO] Story Endings: 10 Tips to Help You, by Mark Crilley

The End, written in chalk

Writer and illustrator Mark Crilley offers up a wealth of artistic insight over on his YouTube channel, and we’ve had the pleasure of sharing some of it in the past.

Today, we present to you Mark’s top tips on endings.

Endings can always be a challenge, but each of these suggestions should be helpful independent of the format in which you’re telling your story – so whether you’re writing a novel, a screenplay, a comic script, or something for the stage, take some time today to listen to Mark’s advice and enjoy the view of his strangely relaxing drawing process at the same time.


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  1. Thank you Mark Crilley from one artists who is now trying to be a writer. First psycho/thriller/mystery published through Create Space this week. it was a two for one lesson for me. How to improve my drawing as well as the ten important things to consider ending a story. I will make your videos an important part of my efforts to improve both my writing and art. You may be interested in checking out my website.
    bye George

  2. Rodney Kendrick says:

    Why can’t videos also have a printed version for those of us who have severe hearing loss. Videos have little value to us. Thanks fir listening.

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