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[VIDEO] Writing Dialogue: 10 Tips to Help You

Dialogue is often one of the most confounding elements for writers to handle. Repetition, unnatural and on-the-nose speech, and expositional info-dumps are just a few of the pitfalls that regularly plague manuscripts.

To help with this, today we’re sharing a video by writer Mark Crilley wherein he uses his own Brody’s Ghost comic books to demonstrate 10 superb tips that will help you bring a natural spark to your dialogue.

Set aside 20 minutes for yourself and give it a watch. Your editor — and your readers — will thank you!


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    Join the Discussion on “[VIDEO] Writing Dialogue: 10 Tips to Help You”

    1. Maureen Ross says:

      Good stuff, thanks.

    2. annette says:

      Very nice. The examples are helpful. Looking forward to more videos from this author.

    3. James says:

      An excellent video, entertaining and relevant. Thank you Mr. Crilley!

    4. Yvonne Nolan says:

      How can I give each character a unique voice when my historical novel is set in another country where no-one actually spoke English? Can I still give the less educated slang or bad grammar?

    5. Sabrina C Howard says:

      Excellent video on dialogue. This is one of the trickiest things to talk about with other writers. I look forward to more content like this.

    6. Loreen Finn says:

      Makes me want to get back to the job of writing.

    7. Anthony V. Pugliese says:

      Quite informative. This video had me realizing what I’ve been doing wrong and what I’ve done correctly.

    8. Ohita Afeisume says:

      Thanks, Mark. Your illustrations are so apt.
      I am working on how to give each character a unique voice of their own, not the writer’s voice

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