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What is the Book Editing Breakthrough Challenge?

Think You’re Ready to Publish? Think Again.

We all know the disappointment of finding a great story that’s bogged down by cluttered, unimaginative, or impenetrable writing.

But what’s even worse is when that story is yours.

Trying to avoid rejection, the savagery of critics, or a barrage of 1-star backlash from disappointed readers can lead even the most experienced author down a road of self-doubt and confusion.

Because it’s when you think your manuscript is finished that things really get scary.

But getting your book into top-class shape doesn’t have to be a confusing process.  With the Book Editing Breakthrough Challenge, we’ll take you by the hand through 8 days of intensive editing action that leads you out of analysis paralysis and onto new shores where editing is simple, worthwhile, and dare we say it… fun!

You’ll develop a complete understanding of the core elements that can drag your writing down – and exactly how to tackle them during line editing.

Your initial goal is to have 50 pages of your manuscript edited and tightened to a publishable standard by the end of the challenge period – but we won’t stop you if you want to push harder.

This is your challenge. Rock it!


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Structured for Success – During and After 

Following a tightly-knit 8-day programme, you’ll be treated to daily emails and video lessons focused on motivation and the core concepts behind the most impactful line edits that make your manuscript shine.

We’ll even send you a downloadable resource pack filled with checklists, reference sheets and editing guides to keep you company throughout the challenge and beyond.

On top of that, you’ll receive access to our private, challenger-only Facebook group, where you can share tips, discuss your progress, and get help and accountability from peers and the AutoCrit team.

Every challenge entry ticket also includes 14 days of unlimited access to the AutoCrit Pro editing suite – so you can put what you’ve learned into action and rocket your way through page after page of crisper, cleaner writing.

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EXCLUSIVE Challenger Live Streams, Plus Prizes!

Let’s not forget the live component. We do want this to be challenging AND fun, after all!

As part of the Book Editing Breakthrough Challenge, we’ll host a one-of-a-kind stream featuring a live edit of a challenger’s manuscript. Discover how to think like an editor and gain a whole new perspective on whether your novel is ready to take on the world.

Who knows… if you’re happy to share, we might just pick your manuscript to go under the knife!

And don’t miss our closing gala celebration, where a live draw will see every challenger placed in the running to win some fabulous prizes, including:

  • AutoCrit memberships
  • Gift cards
  • Lifetime access to AutoCrit’s training vault
  • Additional, super-secret swag!

With a single prize, you could win back the value (and more!) of your entry ticket.

That’s our way of rewarding you for your commitment to the challenge, and to your book.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all lessons and live streams are delivered inside the private Facebook group. You will need to have access to a Facebook account to take part in these.


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Maximize Your Potential with the VIP Experience

Ready to go “all in” on the future of your book? Take the VIP route and we’ll treat you to our “silver service” challenge setup plus additional support.

The AutoCrit team will personally take your manuscript, upload it into the AutoCrit Pro editing platform, tidy up any formatting issues, and make sure you’re 100% ready to hit the ground running.

We’ll even fill in additional settings for you such as character names, words you’ve created (think place names, spell names, or names of future technology) that you’d like to hide from your editing reports, and any words you want to look out for in particular.

Think you tend to overuse the word “secret” in your writing, but you’re just not sure if it’s that much of a problem? We’ll set it up so you can see right away if your concern is warranted.

And then we’ll even send you your very own personal video walkthrough, explaining how the AutoCrit platform works and how you can make fast and efficient progress throughout the challenge.

VIP challengers also receive EXCLUSIVE access to live VIP office hours. Get extra-special care and guidance and have your questions answered in live chats with your hosts.

Note: To make sure our live VIP sessions aren’t too cluttered, spaces on the VIP list are strictly limited. VIP registration closes early on August 21st – so don’t miss the deadline!


Your Commitment: What You Need To Know

Any intensive challenge takes commitment. Not just from you, but also from us.

So first, we want you to make sure you’re committed to your book, and yourself.

Say it out loud. Then say it again:


“I’m committed to my success, and my book!”


Because if you truly believe it, then WE’RE committed to YOU.

By the end of this 8-day challenge, you WILL have achieved AT LEAST 50 fully line-edited pages in your manuscript, and feel primed and confident to follow up on that success all the way to “The End.”

This will not be like every other time you’ve said you would polish that book. There’s no more putting it off for another day, week, month, or year.

There’s no giving up, and no giving in. But we need you to confirm the following:

You understand this is an 8-day programme with daily action required. You should be just fine with 90 minutes set aside per day.

You have a novel, novella, or collection of short stories that is complete to at least the first draft.

Your book is written in English.

You understand that the Book Editing Breakthrough Challenge focuses on what authors have the best chance of doing by themselves: line editing. This means that while you’ll be making your writing cleaner, more precise, more involving, and a better overall reading experience, we will not be focusing on developmental concerns such as plot, scene structure, character arcs, or dialogue authenticity.

You have access to, or can create, a Facebook account in order to access the private group and daily video lessons. Lessons are held at 1PM EST every day during the challenge, except for one day that’s entirely dedicated to editing your manuscript. Replays will be available inside the group, so don’t worry if you can’t make it live every day.

You BELIEVE in your book.

You BELIEVE in yourself.

You will take it to the finish line once the challenge ends… and have a book you can be proud to publish.

All points confirmed? Great. You’re in!

So if you think enough is enough and it’s time to take action, then make that commitment real and click the REGISTER NOW button below.

This is an intense challenge and we won’t hold off putting you through the wringer. But we won’t let you fail.

The ship leaves port on August 24th, and fellow authors just like you are already queueing for departure.


Will YOU join them?

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VIP Registration Closes on Friday, August 21st.

Standard Registration Closes on Sunday, August 23rd.

What is AutoCrit?

A Game of Thrones Strong Writing report screenshot - example of scarcely adverb

The only self-editing platform built from real, best-selling books, AutoCrit is your perfect writing partner from first draft to finish line.

Developed by writers for writers and loved by professional editors and authors worldwide, AutoCrit adds a technological edge to your creativity. By comparing your writing to a vast database of best-selling books by some of the world’s most renowned authors, AutoCrit offers easy-to-follow guidance that helps you produce cleaner writing that also meets the expectations of today’s publishing landscape.

Through a series of interactive editing reports and simple-but-effective highlighting, AutoCrit delivers step-by-step recommendations for improving your manuscript based on what readers want to see.

Produce cleaner dialogue, eliminate needless filler, perfect your pacing, and even fine-tune the emotional tone of your writing. With AutoCrit, you can feel confident in your efforts and know your book is improving with every session.

Whether you’re self-publishing or taking the traditional route, AutoCrit is there to give your stories the polish they deserve.

Note: You do not need to be an AutoCrit member to take part in the Book Editing Breakthrough Challenge.

To speed up your progress, though, your entry ticket also includes a full 14 days of access to the AutoCrit Pro platform – so you can move at lightning speed during and after the challenge period!

Those pages won’t know what hit ’em.

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”
– Mark Twain

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Hailey Woerner, Author

I have an editor—a real one—but I’ve always had to make several back-and-forth exchanges to fix up my manuscript. Now, as I’ve been using this program, I am sure I will be able to polish my completed novel before sending it to my editor, making the process quicker and easier. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me, AutoCrit!

I’m convinced my work is stronger

WRR Munro, Author

I have to admit, I was skeptical … and concerned that a formulaic approach could do more harm than good. But, having used Autocrit for the first 5,000 words (so far), and having subsequently read through the result, I’m convinced my work is stronger. I’m impressed. (100,000 words to go.)