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Articles by Carly Phillips

For Aspiring Writers

Do you dream of writing? Of having your book published? Of seeing your name on a bookstore shelf? Here are steps you can take to pursue your goals and realize your dreams! Sit in a chair and write! You need to put words on paper and keep going until the end! Just finishing a book […]

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Ten Steps To Your Best Romance Novel

If only following these ten steps guaranteed publication. If only it were that easy. I started writing fifteen years ago. I had completed and submitted ten manuscripts over seven years to many publishing houses before I ever sold a novel. As a New York Times Bestseller, I can tell all aspiring writers that although there […]

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Moving Forward

Go Forward… It’s not as easy as it sounds. For some it means putting down a manuscript we’ve revised (until even we’re sick of our characters) and beginning something new. For others it means stepping out of the familiar (for example changing from the historical to the contemporary genre or visa versa). For all of […]

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Novice To Professional

From the workshop by Karen Drogin aka Carly Phillips, Lori & Tony Karayianni aka Tori Carrington, and Harlequin Editor, Brenda Chin presented at the Romance Writers of America Conference, Chicago, 1999 1. BASIC TRAINING… Fall in, aspiring writers! Oh, no, we’re not talking physically. We’re talking brain here, not brawn, a kind of boot camp […]

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So You’ve Sold Your First Book: Now What

I just want to sell that first book, then I’ll be happy. How many times have I uttered those words? Well I did sell and I am happy. But no one prepared me for the threshold I ultimately crossed. Oh, my published friends tried. Your problems don’t end when you sell, they just change shape, […]

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Sex vs Sensuality: The Art of Layering Your Love Scenes

From the workshop by Karen Drogin aka Carly Phillips, Janelle Denison, Julie Elizabeth Leto, and Harlequin Editor, Brenda Chin presented at the Arizona Desert Rose Conference, 2000 Elements of a Strong Love Scene POINT OF VIEW… Decide who has the most at stake emotionally during this scene, who has the most to gain or lose, […]

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A Step In The Right Direction

Like the arrow keys on a computer which move my manuscript up or down, forward or back, taking a new step in my writing career was filled with possibilities. I started writing category because I love Romance and the shorter genre. I still do and so, my category career continues. But as is human nature, […]

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Cinderella Story

Once upon a time in New York state, a sort-of young Jewish girl sat slaving away at her computer writing stories of love and happily-ever-after. While she dreamed of one day making it to the exalted New York Times list, she knew that it only happened to other girls. Still, she dreamed. So my story […]

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Split Personalities

How to write for two genres and/or two publishers and/or two editors and keep your voice, your writing style and your sanity! On how to be true to yourself as a writer and the line/publisher you write for. Carly’s contribution to RWA 2004 Workshop with Pamela Britton, Leslie Kelly and Harlequin Executive Senior Editor Brenda […]

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