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Articles by Catherine Mann

In Search Of The Modern Warrior Hero

The William Wallace battle cry of “Freedom” in BRAVEHEART launches my every romantic sense onto full-scale alert. What a hero! Images of medieval knights in armor and soldiers astride destriers fill best-selling romance novels. Why? Readers still believe in the early ideal of battlefield heroism, seeking reassurance of its continued presence in the modern day […]

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Writing With Kids (Without Losing Your Marbles)

You’re writing the best love scene ever to sizzle off a computer screen. The artful amalgamation of words will undoubtedly dazzle editors, agents, contest judges, and then– “Mom! Maggie spit on me! I left my spelling words at school! Trooper barfed on the kitchen floor!” Talk about a proverbial bucket of cold water! Welcome to […]

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Catherine’s 3 C’s for Compelling Conversation

CATHERINE’S 3 C’S FOR COMPELLING CONVERSATION: Dialogue Tips from Catherine Mann Character: Age/Jargon: Make dialogue age appropriate Idiosyncrasies: Give characters words, phrases, even curses, specific to their personalities Dialects: Use sparingly, choosing a couple of regional adjustments to give flavor. Male/Female Distinctions: Men tend to talk in shorter sentences, fewer superlatives. Compress: Realism vs. Representation: […]

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