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Articles by Charlotte Dillon

Getting The Most Out Of Email Lists

There are thousands of e-mail list out there on every subject you can imagine, and probably on a few you can’t and wouldn’t want to imagine. No matter what kind of writing you do, you can bet there are a number of lists just for that genre, or even sub genre. These on-line communities help […]

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Conflict is very important in a romance novel — and really in any kind of a novel at all. What would the story of Romeo and Juliet be without the family feud? How good would Gone with the Wind have been if Scarlett realized from day one that Ashley wasn’t the man for her, and […]

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Helpful Hints On Characterization

Perfection Does Not Exist No one is perfect, and that goes for the characters in our stories. The hero can have a heart of gold, eyes as blue as the sky, hair as black as sin, and a smile that can make the sun look like it is low on voltage. But come on now, […]

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