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Articles by Dee Davis

TSTL:A Writer’s Life

Recently I was reading a book review where the reviewer described the heroine as TSTL. Because of this nefarious acronym, she couldn’t recommend the book. I stopped reading, puzzled. TSTL? Tempting Sultress Takes Life? Tumultuous Seductress Taming Lions? Tobacco-stained Slut Tasting Lemons? Obviously being cut from the same cloth as said heroine, it took me […]

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Agent Quest

I keep reading about romance authors who wake up one morning with nothing to read and write their first novel. I hear about folks who, not finding a book that has all the elements they like best, sit down one afternoon and pen a tome with perfect internal and external plot. I, on the other […]

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Libraries: The Internet On Paper

Libraries – The Internet on Paper (Or How I Learned What Machicolations Were) Even before I could read, I loved libraries. I can remember going every week with my mother, trading in the old books for new ones, standing in the stacks, surrounded by towering shelves of books, the smell of paper and bindings filling […]

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