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Articles by Jenn Stark

Getting Your Brand Ready For Conferences

As we develop our Personal Brand as authors, we do so generally with some far-off goal in mind: positioning ourselves to our future readers, or giving an interview about our New York Times Bestselling status. But if we’re wise, our Writing and Industry Brands can receive workout in the far more immediate future: this year’s […]

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The Elements of Your Brand

Personal Branding can seem quite involved — and as with anything, you can raise it to the level of obsession. (Not that I’ve ever done that). However, the easiest brands to maintain are those that reflect your true self and your core beliefs. I’ll discuss the ‘how’ of determining your brand in a later article, […]

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The Power Of Your Brand

If you’re still reading, you’re here to learn about branding — specifically, personal branding. Of course, I’m not talking about burning your own skin, but it’s interesting to note that the word ‘brand’ actually comes from a Middle English term meaning a ‘torch or sword’ that lights the way or leaves a mark. And to […]

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Your Brand Promise: Step 2

Now that you have established your brand’s beliefs and values, or the emotional, spiritual and cultural values addressed by your brand, it’s time to consider your brand’s benefits and attributes. And good news: step 2 is easier than step 1. Why? Because your beliefs and values are largely internal and sometimes difficult for your audience […]

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Your Brand Promise: Step 1

Part of a series of brief articles on the Power of Personal Branding. With this article, we begin to explore the ‘meat’ of your personal brand and for that we have to look inward — far inward. Because to achieve the greatest degree of success with your personal brand, it must reflect your innermost beliefs […]

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Seven Steps to Personal Branding

In talking to my friends, associates and random strangers, I’ve noticed that while many seem intrigued by the concept of Personal Branding, the most popular reaction after hearing about it is an intense need to lay down and take a nap. Branding seems so…overwhelming. So comprehensive and involved and faintly worrisome. After all, what if […]

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The Personally Branded Pitch

As any basic marketing class will tell you, there are 5 – P – s of Marketing to keep in mind as you consider offering a product or service for others to buy. Those P’s are: Product – or what you’re selling Placement – or the channels in which you’re selling your product (Online? In […]

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Creating Your Own Name Brand

What’s in a logo? In the world of branding, everything. A logo is the identifying symbol for a company that serves as a snapshot for what that company – stands for – or represents. Typically, a logo is comprised of stylized, colored text and, in many cases, an accompanying image. The combination of the Nike […]

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Putting Your Personal Brand To Work For You As A Writer

Whether you’ve gone through a Personal Branding exercise or not at this point, it’s relevant to discuss what you’re now going to DO with your Brand. How can having a Personal Brand really impact your efforts as a writer, and what are some techniques for “showing off” your Brand You can manifest your Personal Brand […]

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