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editing revision-tips

Editing/Revision Tips

* Make notes on your hard copy (I like to use a red pen and highlighter). * Read your work out loud. * Use contractions wherever possible. * Vary sentence structure and length. Stress important points with short or fragmented sentences. * Vary paragraph length. Create/leave white space every so often to increase the pace […]

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Fear Factor

I did something amazing today. I mailed a contest entry. “Ho hum, so what,” you might say. Well, putting a stamp on that envelope and popping it into the mailbox isn’t dull routine. It isn’t ordinary at all. I’ve just submitted my manuscript to a contest where several writers are going to give me their […]

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Blog post the-three-ps-of-writing-success

The Three P’s Of Writing Success

After a fabulous all day workshop given by Lucy Monroe this fall, I had an epiphany. Writing to sell requires a writer to follow three “P”s: Process Patience Persistence Lucy Monroe stressed over and over in her workshop to discover your process and protect it. And just as no two people are exactly alike, every […]

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