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Articles by Michelle Monkou

Negative Energy Sucks

Hmm — What else to say with the final chapter of my Tough Love series? I recently held a workshop on finding the time to write. I shared my experience, duly providing tips and solutions to conquer apathy and other bad habits. One tip in particular concerns the destructive force called negative energy. This ball […]

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Can You Believe She Rejected Me?

In my previous Tough Love article – Dare To Dream, I emphasized the mind, body, and soul connection. This concept is not only important, but provides the sustenance when the inevitable rejection occurs. As members of the entertainment industry, we share the similar journey to success with actors, directors, and screenwriters. In the course of […]

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Dream…I Dare You

The new year rolled in with fireworks and champagne popping. Resolutions, goals, selling of souls were thrown out to the universe with quiet desperation. Despite the high percentage of drop outs from this bunch by the first quarter of the year, we undergo the experience without fail at the beginning of each year. My resolutions, […]

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Are We There Yet?

On my many trips to Atlanta with the family, I drive through the night. The main reason is to avoid hearing the repeated whines of ‘Are we there yet?’ Instead, everyone awakens when I’m about an hour away from my brother’s house, for which I only have to hear it once. This tactic guarantees that […]

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Being A Full-Time Writer

The classic stereotype of a romance writer paints a cozy picture of a woman typing her stories at home during the day. Only a small percentage of aspiring/new authors have it so good, while a larger percentage of veteran, best selling authors have become full time writers. The majority of writers have to hold down […]

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