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Advice For Finding An Agent

There are only three steps to this: Write a great novel Research literary agents Write a great query letter 1. Write a Great Novel Make your novel the best you can make it. Make it original, with an exciting plot, great writing style, and interesting characters and settings. Don’t send it up if “it just […]

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Agent Quest

I keep reading about romance authors who wake up one morning with nothing to read and write their first novel. I hear about folks who, not finding a book that has all the elements they like best, sit down one afternoon and pen a tome with perfect internal and external plot. I, on the other […]

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Finding A Good Agent

Dear Barbara, I’ve heard many horror stories about writers who entrusted their work to agents, only to have the manuscript left sitting on a shelf, or the royalties stolen. In fact, I once signed a contract with an agent who did almost nothing to market my book, and finally she disappeared without a word. She […]

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Six Steps To Finding An Agent

You’ve finished your first manuscript, or maybe your twentieth. Maybe you’re having trouble getting an editor’s attention through the slush pile or conference interviews. Maybe you know that an A-list agent can cut through the bureaucratic hurdles and get your book into the hands of a decision maker. For whatever reason, you’ve decided that your […]

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