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Career Planning 1: The Preliminaries

This series of articles will cover the necessary steps for creating a career plan. While the focus will be on career planning for the unpublished or newly published author, these concepts taken from the corporate environment lend themselves to those further along in their publishing careers as well. Career planning takes two tangible forms: goal

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Career Planning 3: The Skeleton

This article is the 3rd in a series covering the necessary steps for creating a career plan. We’ve explored our commitment to writing, done a realistic assessment of our pace, given voice to our vision and determined our target market. Now, we are ready to write a career plan. As we go into this phase,

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Career Planning 4: Goals

This article is the 4th in a series covering the necessary steps for creating a career plan. We’re approaching the mountain peak. Can you see it in the distance? Oftentimes I think we assume our vision is the peak, but in reality, it is the broad base upon which we build our career plans...moving from

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Career Planning 5: Staying On Track

This article is the 5th and final in a series covering the necessary steps for creating a career plan. Well...you’ve got a Career Plan, complete with Career Objectives, long term and short term goals. Do you feel accomplished? You should. It’s uncommon in the business sector for someone to take the time and effort to

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Goal Mapping

The movie, What the ?*&! Do We Know? explores the idea that our perception of reality affects that reality, that we can influence our own futures more than we may realize. I’ve long been a believer in writing down my goals and dreams as a way of putting them ‘out there’ in the universe, and

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Novice To Professional

From the workshop by Karen Drogin aka Carly Phillips, Lori & Tony Karayianni aka Tori Carrington, and Harlequin Editor, Brenda Chin presented at the Romance Writers of America Conference, Chicago, 1999 1. BASIC TRAINING... Fall in, aspiring writers! Oh, no, we're not talking physically. We're talking brain here, not brawn, a kind of boot camp

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