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10 Tips For Pitching

Every year unpublished writers attend conferences to meet with the editors of their choice and to pitch mini summaries of the books they’ve completed. Below are 10 crucial tips to help make your pitch a successful one. In other words, tips to have the editor sit up, listen with a keen ear, and think ‘this […]

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Pitch Perfect

Few things strike terror into the hearts of conference goers more than the dreaded editor or agent appointment, and yet few opportunities at a writing conference are more valuable. Here, then, are a few tips to make the experience less terrifying and more valuable. SIGN UP. Just do it. Yes, I know, those people are […]

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The Personally Branded Pitch

As any basic marketing class will tell you, there are 5 – P – s of Marketing to keep in mind as you consider offering a product or service for others to buy. Those P’s are: Product – or what you’re selling Placement – or the channels in which you’re selling your product (Online? In […]

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Tips for Editor/Agent Appointments

Tips for Pitching an Editor or Agent at a Conference © Susan Lyons Research editors/agents ahead of time. Pitch to an editor/agent who is interested in the kind of project you want to pitch. Then find out everything you can about the editor/agent and the guidelines for their line. If possible, find out whether the […]

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