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How To Write The Perfect Query Letter

You’ve finally typed those two magic words, “The End.” Now, you’re ready to (cringe!) share your masterpiece with the world. And suddenly there are two new words to master–two words that strike terror deep into the heart of all would be (and even some established) writers. Every agent, every publishing house, everyone but your Aunt […]

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Is It a Romance?

I think the most painful word in the world is “rejection,” (this word is closely followed by “we can still be friends,” and “I’m sorry, we don’t make that dessert anymore,” but I digress). Rejection. Three syllables worth of disappointment, hurt, confusion—the angst-related synonyms could stretch on for eternity. There are different reasons for rejection—the […]

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Query’s Blessing, Query’s Curse

I don’t know what I was thinking…don’t know where my head was…I guess I figured that I would write a book and just as I typed “the end,” I would hear a knock at my door. And when I opened it, I would find an editor, agent, and Oprah/Larry King’s booking people, all waiting for […]

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