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Men Behaving Badly: When Heroes Become Unheroic

Did anyone else watch the recent movie version of Phantom of the Opera and love the Phantom at the cost of caring about Raoul — and not just because bad boy Gerard Butler is way more hunky than nice boy Patrick Wilson ever could be? Thinking about it, I understood why: Raoul performs only one […]

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Real-Life Heroes and Heroines

Whenever anyone finds out I’m a romance writer, there are two questions that invariably pop up. One: “Where do you get your ideas?” and two: “Do you ever base your characters on real people?” I can as easily answer the first question as explain where aluminum comes from. But the second can be confirmed with […]

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The Four Basic Elements Of Any Novel

It’s critical to understand these elements and how they are related. 1. ┬áPlot There are many definitions of plot, but plot is essentially the story, or the events that make up what the book is about. Plot, of course, is defined by conflict, either internal (coming to terms with the loss of a spouse, for […]

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