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Conflict is very important in a romance novel — and really in any kind of a novel at all. What would the story of Romeo and Juliet be without the family feud? How good would Gone with the Wind have been if Scarlett realized from day one that Ashley wasn’t the man for her, and […]

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Conflict Test

1. Does one of the characters have to change in order for the conflict to be resolved? _____ Yes, Score 1_____ No, Score 0_____ Both characters change, Score 2 2. Can conflict be resolved with a good, honest heart-to-heart between your characters? _____ Yes, Score 0_____ No, Score 1 3. Is it believable the one […]

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For People Who Hate External Conflict

If it were up to me personally, I’d say external conflict isn’t at ALL important, because what I enjoy are the characters’ emotions. Their thoughts, their feelings, their inner turmoil. Who CARES about what they do in the physical world? But it’s not up to me, and millions of readers DO care what they do. […]

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Getting Good Tension

Tension is a very crucial element of any novel, whatever the genre, because you can’t have a story so bland that nothing happens or worries the reader, or you’ll not be giving your readers any reason to turn the page. However, creating tension is a very complex task. There are a few points you might […]

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The Not-Yet Happy Ending

The book has to end happy. The last chapter has to end happy. The others? They don’t. In fact, they shouldn’t. Because a chapter that ends with everything happy is a great reason to put down the book with a sigh of contentment, turn out the light and go to sleep. So how should a […]

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