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Being A Full-Time Writer

The classic stereotype of a romance writer paints a cozy picture of a woman typing her stories at home during the day. Only a small percentage of aspiring/new authors have it so good, while a larger percentage of veteran, best selling authors have become full time writers. The majority of writers have to hold down […]

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Finding Time To Write

I’ve been really looking at my days lately, trying to work out where my time goes and how to get everything done. I’ve read umpteen books with titles such as: Time Management for the Stressed, Housework in Ten Minutes a Day or Less, Organize Your Life Right Now–you know the ones. Some smarmy expert makes […]

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Finding Time To Write In A Busy Life

Dear Barbara, I am a new author, under contract for my first novel to be published early in 2007. My publisher is interested in my second novel as well. I am a wife and mother to twin toddlers aged three. My question is this, how does one find their flow and balance between all of […]

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