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Can You Believe She Rejected Me?

In my previous Tough Love article – Dare To Dream, I emphasized the mind, body, and soul connection. This concept is not only important, but provides the sustenance when the inevitable rejection occurs. As members of the entertainment industry, we share the similar journey to success with actors, directors, and screenwriters. In the course of […]

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Getting Game: Developing Mental Toughness

I’m a wuss. Until recently, I routinely cracked under pressure. Rejections decimated me. Revisions terrified me. Getting a bad review meant a week of sleepless nights (okay, there were some really bad reviews). You’d think I’d be tougher, considering it “only” took me fifteen years to sell my first book, and in that time I […]

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Risking Emotional Suicide

It’s happened again. You’ve had another rejection, one of those awful, generic ‘editorial department’ ones we all dread: ‘Your story is well-written and plotted, but lacks the emotional depth and excitement we’re looking for.’ You probably screw up the letter and throw it somewhere. You imagine vile things happening to that rotten editor who has […]

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Ten Ways To Make Rejection Work For You (Not Against You)

Rejection is part of the writing business : it means, more than anything else, that you’re doing your job. No one (and I mean no one) gets through their career without getting rejected. But there are ways to make rejection work for you. There are two crucial things to remember about rejection: First, rejection stinks. […]

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What To Do With A Rejected Manuscript

Dear Barbara, I finished my first manuscript just after my first son was born and have been fielding rejection letters ever since. My game plan was to find an agent first, but that is proving difficult. Agents normally ask for more of my manuscript upon reading my query letters, but I can’t seem to get […]

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