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Three Steps To Becoming A Successful Author

Success can be defined any number of ways. For the purposes of this section, let success be whatever “your” version of it is, with one caveat: you want to be able to write novels and earn enough to make a living. If you only want to get a book published simply for the sake of […]

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TSTL:A Writer’s Life

Recently I was reading a book review where the reviewer described the heroine as TSTL. Because of this nefarious acronym, she couldn’t recommend the book. I stopped reading, puzzled. TSTL? Tempting Sultress Takes Life? Tumultuous Seductress Taming Lions? Tobacco-stained Slut Tasting Lemons? Obviously being cut from the same cloth as said heroine, it took me […]

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When A Line Closes

It’s always a little depressing when a series or imprint closes. There are few enough markets, it seems, and to lose two more and cause even more authors to compete for the markets you’re targeting? well, it’s enough to discourage any writer intent on selling. And considering one of them actually seemed to be doing […]

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Writing With Kids (Without Losing Your Marbles)

You’re writing the best love scene ever to sizzle off a computer screen. The artful amalgamation of words will undoubtedly dazzle editors, agents, contest judges, and then– “Mom! Maggie spit on me! I left my spelling words at school! Trooper barfed on the kitchen floor!” Talk about a proverbial bucket of cold water! Welcome to […]

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