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    Article posted by Nina Davies with the permission of Cheryl Kaye Tardif.

    October to December is usually the busiest season for anyone wishing to promote their books. This is the time to schedule book signings at bookstores, readings at libraries and cafes, and it's also the time to fork out advertising dollars. Books don't sell themselves! Well, not unless you're Michael Crichton, Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. For the rest of us, we have to rely on smooth selling styles, setting up tables in our local bookstores, and finding unique and cost effective ways to advertise our books.

    Affordable advertising can be difficult to come by for a self-published author. But there are ways around it. There is one thing you can do that will help to bring attention to you and your books. And that is to create an "internet identity".

    Quick! Go to Google and conduct a vanity search. If you don't know what this means, it's simple. Type in your name. See how many direct hits to your site (or anything that pertains to you) come up. A few years ago I did this and was quite depressed to see that I was nowhere to be found. In the internet world, I simply did not exist.

    Since then, I have learned a few tricks of the trade, and I am now deeply entrenched in the top 30 pages (or more) in most search engines. What does this mean? It means that anyone, anywhere, can view information about my books and me. What this means to you is that if you are not at least 10 pages deep after a vanity search, you have a lot of work to do.

    Here are a few ways an author can build up an internet presence or identity:

    About Cheryl Tardif

    Cheryl Tardif

    Cheryl Kaye Tardif is the author of Whale Song, Divine Intervention and The River, three novels set in Canada. The highly acclaimed 'assisted suicide novel' Whale Song released in April 2007 and made Amazon's Bestsellers list.

    Cheryl has appeared on TV and radio stations, and in magazines and newspapers in Canada and the US. She has also presented at writers' conferences as an expert on marketing and promoting books.

    Visit her at www.cherylktardif.com or www.whalesongbook.com