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How do I bring back my smart (curved) quotes?

Many word processing programs (including Microsoft Word) automatically convert straight quotes typed by the user into curved quotes.  The name “smart quotes” originates from the logic used by the program to determine which typed quotes are opening and closing.  Microsoft Word hides the logic behind the scenes with embedded code in your text.

AutoCrit must remove all of this hidden code in order to accurately process your text.  When you export your text from AutoCrit, you may be surprised to see your smart quotes are now “dumb” or straight quotes.  This is also the case for apostrophes.

The following is an easy solution to bring back smart quotes and apostrophes.

Step 1:   Open your exported AutoCrit file in Microsoft word.

Step 2:  Access Word’s Find and Replace function.  (usually in the Home tab or you can use the shortcut Ctrl+H)

Step 3:  In the “Find” field, type the symbol for a quotation mark “.

Step 4:  In the “Replace” field, again type the symbol for a quotation mark “.

Step 5:  Select the “Replace All” button.


In replacing the quote marks with “new” quote marks, Word adds the logic for smart quotes back in and you should see the curved quotes appear throughout your document.  This works equally well for replacing the straight apostrophes with curved ones.  Simply add the apostrophe character instead of quotes in steps 3 and 4 noted above.

Note that some fonts show curved quotes better than others.  If you export the file as a text file, you may wish to globally change the font within the document to something like Times New Roman or Arial.