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How do I cut and paste from Microsoft Word?

There is a lot going on behind the scenes when you attempt to copy and paste information from a Microsoft Word document.  Word files are full of hidden style and formatting code which need to be stripped out of your text before AutoCrit can analyze it.

The following process should be followed to accomplish this:

1. Highlight and copy the desired text in your Microsoft Word file.

2. Login to AutoCrit and click on the “Upload New Text” button.


3. On the left side of the upload window, click within the text box provided, right click with your mouse, and select the paste option.  Your text should now be shown within the text box.


Click the red “Submit” button to bring the text into the main AutoCrit Editor Window.

You may notice that some of your formatting and text style is lost or modified in the process. Unfortunately, to do all of the processing of your text and subsequent highlighting, we have to pare the inserted text down to more of a plain text file.

For writers who have a lot of special formatting, you may wish to run the analysis results in AutoCrit and make the changes directly in your Word document. It will require an extra step to reanalyze, but it may save you time in the formatting area.