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How do I get a copy of my work with highlights?

The AutoCrit Editor allows you to print and email your text including highlights by selecting the Email and Print options within the Analysis Sidebar.  If you wish not to see the highlights, click here for more information.




Selecting the print button will bring up a traditional print dialogue box.  Simply select your preferred printing device and press print.  Also note that many computers have the ability to print directly to an electronic file format such as PDF or XPS.  This is a handy option when distributing your files to others. This may also be a good option for users who do not have color printing capabilities and are unable to see areas of highlighted text.



email2Selecting the email button allows you to send a complete copy of your text directly into your email inbox.   A dialogue box will appear prompting you to select a desired email address and allow you to add additional notes.

Keep in mind that the email option will send ALL of your text within the email.  If you are working with a large amount of text or have tight spam controls engaged with your email software, you may not receive the email.  The email may end up in your spam or junk mail folder.

AutoCrit sends the message from the email address:  AutoCrit Mailer <do-not-reply@autocrit.com>.  If you are having problems receiving emails, please review your email software help documentation to troubleshoot.  


Copy and Paste:

If you would like to work offline with your text with the highlights shown, we recommend the copy and paste approach using the following steps:

Have your desired highlighted text open within a Google Chrome web browser window. Select the section of highlighted text you would like to work with in the Editor window.  Copy the selection by either right clicking on your mouse or using a shortcut command on your keyboard such as Ctrl C.


Switch you your desired word processor and paste the selection by again using a right click on your mouse or a shortcut keyboard command such as Ctrl V.  You will notice that the text within the highlight box is white in color and not visible. To make the text visible, select all of the text in the document and do a global change in text color to black.


You can now edit your text offline with highlights shown.  If you wish to update the analysis results, you will need to connect to the internet and upload or copy/paste the text back into the AutoCrit.