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How Do I Recover a file or revert back to an earlier version of a file?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our system saves your work as it changes and holds past versions you can use for recovery.


Step 1

With your file open, select the save icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose “versions” to reveal the available version for the file.


Step 2

With the versions menu open, you should see a list of time stamps where a version of your file was saved by our system in the past.

Now you can:

  • Click on the Clock icon to expand the files saved in a time group. Delays between changes in your file will alert the system to create a new time group of revisions. So, you can see in the image below, I started working at 12 pm, and then again later at 9 pm. The files for each of these sessions are grouped and organized. Clicking on the 9 pm time group has expanded all the individual versions saved during in that time range.

  • The word count for each file along with the time stamp for each is also displayed. These are helpful in identifying the version you are looking for.

  • Clicking on the view icon will open a display of the text at the time that version was saved.


Step 3

Once you have identified the file version you wish to revert to, click on the “Restore Version” button in the lower right-hand corner. Your file will now be reverted back to that version.


Notes on File Versions

  • You can go through these steps again if you wish to try another version of the file. Simply start back at step 1.

  • All versions of your file will not be saved forever. Within one week of your last file activity, AutoCrit will keep a version every time there is a significant change to your file. After one week, AutoCrit will hold one version for every day. After 2 weeks, AutoCrit will hold one version for every week. After one month, AutoCrit will hold one file per month.

  • Within each version, AutoCrit will save the text in the main editor window, your chapters, and the bookmarks (if present) in the file. AutoCrit will not store a copy of all your notes and word lists associated with your file. Your notes and word lists will not be altered if you choose to restore an earlier version of your file. Only the text within the main editor window will be updated.


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