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How do I work with chapters?

AutoCrit can analyze your entire manuscript as a whole or on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

You can access the chapter menus in the top heading bar here:

How to add new chapters


Option 1: Auto-find:

Select the chapter navigation link as shown in the image above. If this is your first time, the link will say “Chapters” and you will have no chapters listed in the drop down menu.



Choosing “Auto-find chapters” in this menu will trigger AutoCrit to search through your text for the word “Chapter” on a line by itself.  It will pull the word “Chapter” plus an additional 75 characters into the system as chapter headings.

For example, the following would be auto-identified as a chapter name in the system:

Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Dark and Stormy Night
Chapter XXII


Option 2: Manually Adding Chapters:

If your chapters are not labeled in this fashion –  Chapter xxxx  –  do not worry, you can find and manually add chapters in the system using the (+) button as shown here:


Here you can type the chapter name into the field and click “save” to add a chapter.  If you have text selected prior to clicking the (+) button, this text will be automatically inserted into the Chapter Name field.  For example, if you highlight XXII in the text, then click the (+) button, XXII should automatically appear in the Chapter Name Field.  All that remains is selecting “Save” to add the chapter.

Chapter Navigation and deletion:

With Chapters loaded into the system, your chapter navigation drop down should look something like this:


You can jump to chapters in your text by selecting the chapter name listed in the “Chapter Navigation” drop down box.

You also have the option of selecting the (-) button to delete them. Deleting a chapter name will remove it from the list and return it to your text with a normal paragraph font. You will need to delete the normal text as well if you fully wish to remove the old chapter text.

Moving Chapters / Drag and Drop:

In the chapter drop down menu, you can use your mouse to drag and move a chapter in the file. Keep in mind that your chapter text will be moved in the file as well as the chapter heading.


Analyzing by chapters

To analyze your text by chapter, toggle the Analyze by Chapter button to “on”.  With this set to “on”, the system will display report results in the right side bar by chapter.  With this set to “off”, chapters will only be used as a navigation tool in the system. Here is a screen shot of what this looks like with chapters set to on:

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